The deal with dealing with American armor as a BRII player of Japan. A guide of sorts

Unfortunately, there are no inherent way to deal with American Sherman variants as a stock player. Best you can do is save up for a few explosive packs, HEAT sticks and TNT charges.

Easiest ways to deal with Shermans once you unlock it:

Yup, it has many downsides, but so long as you shoot them first you will most definitely win.

Possibly the second easiest and by far the easiest to grind to, but also the most cumbersome is the AT gun for engineer squads and AT squads.
Sherman 3 are by far the easiest to take out as the cast hull has many weak spots that can be exploited no matter the angle.

The welded hull variants on the other hand are tough nuts to crack and you will mostly need to inconvenience them to death via tracking them and shooting out their barrel. or, if you are lucky, slipping a round through wherever the shot indicator turns green.

Bombs work the best, but you reduce the number of troops on the ground helping out on objectives. Getting real good with the D3A1 and you can take out two tanks in one run. 60kg bombs require a sitting still target though and some real practice to land.

Other options that require grinding but can produce satisfactory results, when they work are the AT weapons.
Tube can ammo a Shermans from the front, just got to get used to aiming the thing as it has no sights and dealing with the rockets blowing up in front of you because they couldn’t pass through a window for whatever reason.

Sniper tube, can hit Shermans from super far distances and almost always take out a few crew members or even explode them outright.

AT rifle, can track from a distance and doesn’t leave a huge smoke trail, but destroying the barrel seems a lot harder to do as you have to hit it maybe 7 times with no indication you are damaging it?

Honestly, the AT rifle is probably the most consistent and available option at the moment.

Thanks for reading.

Take a look at this gnarly match I had. BR 3 USA brought 105 Shermans, M4A2 and Grants. I think 2 I killed with the Ho-Ni I, the rest were from miraculous pot shots from the Type 4 sniper tube.


I’d like to thank my fellow banzai teammates for sticking it out with me.


In my opinion, all the tanks that can be used as imaginary enemies are black zone tanks.
Taking into account range and distance attenuation
Only tank fortifications, rocket launchers and aircraft can effectively threaten Sherman.
It is difficult for a level 3 tank to confront the Sherman head-on.
Not to mention that all Japanese tanks inherit the characteristics of open tops and light armor, which are the most easily destroyed.

tell a joke
You can easily destroy the Panzer 5 with high explosive shells and mortars
But almost only the No. 5 tank can fight against the main tanks of the US military.