The day of the Normandy landings

Super Pershing, still nowhere to be seen!

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Is it?

I already own a pair, but I use them rarely, sono didn’t notice the difference.

Yes, you can compare them on Euthy sheet.

let me will be the map description for Rzhev

Ill take another lanchester :slight_smile:

slightly distracted though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey look!!! a new asset to port to enlisted!


Summer event as in the past years always bring good stuff and don’t forget the winter event for Christmas

One of the events of all time

What was the last summer event? I don’t remember.

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I forget to because of all this reinforcements received

and there it is XD

Can we have a special portrait or a decal? It’s the 80th anniversary, after all.

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I was waiting for special premium squads by low tier (II - III). This explanation was disapponitting for my wallet.

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It was the one with the plane dropping fire tank

Not happy that best we get are a machine gun the Brits only built in 1940 and never used and a SMG only used by the RN?


In another sense it’s an advisory to get outside and go to Normandy for the 80th anniversary.

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Ohh, that’s why I don’t remember it. I haven’t participated in this event.

But my karmic luck proved itself. And I could buy those planes in sales afterwards.
I’ve missed Fliegerfaust tho.


luftfaust is fun tbh very niche but fun

idk when i ran out of like tbh

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another american event,hell,when we are going the japs a proper event? edit: dont get me wrong,I like the event but I feel a bit sad because all other nations get nice things but Japs only get a pistol and a portrait,last thing we get was the flame plane and…I am a bit sad


Well i think it’s fine. Plus we prering something bigger, but it will be later.

Its not fine, this is literally one of the most iconic moments in ww2 history. The event is extremely underwhelming, a decal wouldve have been better than this. I was expecting something more heartfelt, respectable or worthy for such a day like D-DAY. Yes, this is like getting socks on Christmas.


Will you tease the event this week?