Testing new elite squads!

No other World War II shooter on the scale of Enlisted has ever focused so much on its protagonists - the soldiers in your army. We’re proud of our ability to create unique soldiers, even down to their names, and we’re not going to stop! We’re introducing a new stage in the in-depth re-creation of World War II soldiers - squads with capabilities beyond those available to the average person.

The first representatives of these new squads will be elite German soldiers whose physical abilities have been enhanced thanks to the efforts of the German chemical industry.

According to the results of the initial internal testing, these new German troops proved to be too effective under your direct control, so in the first stages of testing these new squads will be controlled by AI. Check them out, leave your feedback and get ready for Enlisted’s massive expansion!


Hold your ground and repel all attacks of the new AI-controlled German elite troops from April 1st to April 8th (13:00 UTC) in the “Operation: Breaking Dead” event. Additionally, while participating in these special missions, you can complete thematic tasks for unique rewards!

Task progress does not reset between stages.

By participating in the event, you will also receive the “Subject” portrait after completing 4 battles.


A new branch will appear in the research tree for each country. It will feature a separate army with unique classes of soldiers, superior to regular soldiers in survivability and with access to unique equipment. The “motivated” branch will be unlocked after you fully maxed out all branches of the main army of the country, and for its soldiers we will allocate two exclusive slots in your army.

Рядовой мотивированный боец

Motivated private

Privates are “motivated” soldiers on whom the effect of GSe07 was not successful enough. The reduced cognitive functions do not allow them to use small arms effectively, but due to their enormous physical strength they do not need to. They operate in large squads in the first wave of attack.

If such a soldier is given an object, he will not let it go. This is used to reinforce attackers with armored shields and even aerial bombs.

Мотивированный Инженер-подрывник

Motivated demolition engineer

In rare cases, the GSe07 attacks the central nervous system and disrupts the subject’s vestibular system. As a result, such soldiers can only move confidently using all four limbs.

Their inconspicuous silhouette is perfect for delivering up to 40 kilograms of explosives to enemy defensive fortifications.

Мотивированный стрелок

Motivated shooter

The ideal outcome of using a motivator. Almost no damage to the frontal lobe and preserves the soldier’s combat skills. At the same time, it significantly increases physical strength, endurance, and reaction speed of the subject.

These soldiers are used both to form independent units and as commanders of large groups of privates.

They can be armed with both simple weapons and flamethrowers.

Избыточно мотивированный


In some cases, the use of a motivator can result in significant physical changes that no one anticipated. Due to the high value of such subjects, they are deployed on the battlefield only in extreme cases, such as when the enemy defenses are too strong.


No questions asked, obeys orders without question, and endures all the hardships of war. Such is the portrait of an ideal soldier, which in reality simply does not exist.

Attempts to create a super soldier existed even in the medicine of the XX century. Disguised as good faith experiments, they have led to the discovery of dozens of effective means of anesthesia and infection control. But the chemists did not stop working in the back and went to the front lines with the craziest ideas to match the crazy times. The all-out destruction of the war removed many moral restrictions, giving freedom to cruel medical experiments.

Archive photo. A German soldier under the influence of a “motivator”. Relaxed facial muscles, weak reaction to external stimuli and unwavering focus on the target.

German scientists achieved particularly significant results in such research. A whole range of drugs was created: from simple pills that suppressed cortisol production to complex psychostimulants, under the influence of which a person’s self-confidence and pain threshold increased, and a soldier could go several days without sleep. All this was very relevant in the early days of war in the European theater and in the Blitzkrieg, making it possible for the German army to move without stopping for days. “Motivators” in the early years of the war were included in the standard rations of Luftwaffe pilots and tankers, and were issued to scouts and infantry commanders for independent distribution among their subordinates, in the form of chocolate!

«Panzerschokolade» – танковый шоколад с «мотиватором».

“Panzerschokolade” - chocolate for tankers with “motivator”.

As the war progressed, Germany’s chemical production could no longer keep up with the growing demand, and on the personal orders of Hitler, who was also a consumer of these products, work was started on the creation of gaseous motivators. According to the concept, at a critical moment the tin can would be opened and the slowly vaporizing gas would fill the trenches or closed rooms, affecting the soldiers inside much faster than oral intake of “motivators”. Outside the mucous membranes, the GSe07 gas would quickly lose its effectiveness and disintegrate.

Один из первых образцов тары для газообразного «мотиватора» GSe07. Приятный щелчок чеки, и вы сильнее, быстрее и упорнее чем «они».

One of the first sample cans for the gaseous “motivator” GSe07. One quick click and you are stronger, faster and tougher than “them”.

The trials ended in failure. It was impossible to make a formula that would work properly at all temperatures, humidity and dosing inaccuracies. Overexposure to the gaseous motivator suppressed a person’s cognitive functions, and in an overdose, the immune system began to attack its own cells, leading to tissue breakdown. A soldier who remained conscious after exposure to the “motivator” experienced incredible pain and uncontrollable rage, unable to distinguish between their own and their enemies.

A test subject during the GSe07 prolonged exposure test.

Последствия эксперимента. Подопытный разорвал верёвки голыми руками, забил до смерти одного из лаборантов и был застрелен через 15 минут поисковой группой в 12 км от лагеря.

Consequence of the experiment. The subject broke the ropes with his bare hands, beat one of the laboratory assistants to death and was shot 15 minutes later by the search party 12 km from the camp.

In June 1943, a large-scale bombing campaign was launched against the German “Pointblank” production facilities and fortifications as part of a combined Allied operation. Among the targets in Germany and France was one of the largest GSe07 depots near the French city of Caen. The destruction of the depot led to a massive release of GSe07 and contaminated more than 70 square kilometers of the surrounding area, where the 352nd Infantry Division and 101st Independent German Tank Battalion stationed - participants of the future battles of D-Day.

The contamination led to 1,500 deaths, mostly due to violence between soldiers. Rumors of the incident quickly spread among the troops and permanently lowered the morale of the 7th Army, and all work on the GSe07 was shut down.

Our game adaptation is dedicated to this event.


However, Germany was not alone in its attempts to achieve military success at any cost. Increasing the effectiveness of the army not only with powerful equipment, but also psychologically, was something that every country worked on in the mad madness of the Second World War.

«Stogram» – советский фронтовой «мотиватор», крайне активно применявшийся в регулярных частях перед атаками.

“Stogram” was a Soviet frontline “motivator” that was heavily used by regular units before attacks.

Ranging from the simplest supplements to activate the body’s hidden reserves, which everyone knows about, to more complex procedures using gamma radiation, which eventually turned into embellished stories and even feature films about a strong patriot with a star on his shield.

After the end of World War II, Germany’s leading chemists ended up in American and Soviet laboratories, and continued to produce all the same products, just under a new supervision.

Ведущий немецкий биохимик Warner Gray со своей женой во время депортации в США.

Leading German biochemist Warner Gray and his wife during their deportation to the United States.

To this day, thousands of documents about the Second World War remain classified in the archives of the countries involved in this insane war. This information is usually particularly disturbing, and the more civilized our society becomes, the more frightening it is to realize what horrors are hidden behind the yellowed covers of archived documents.

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