Test server 76 m1

So i was playing a game as yanks on the test server and i noticed that the m4a2(76) has solid shot instead of APCBC like it’s live counterpart, is this on purpose or is it a bug/test server only thing…

pictures of test and live server loadouts


There is absolutely zero reason for the US to use AP (Solid Shot) on either the 75mm or the 76mm
If this is intentional its purely to hold the Germans hands even more


With how bad AP is modeled in game this would be a massive nerf to allied tanks, which already suffers from horrible AP in the 75mm. The only grace of the 76mm shermans is their ability to glass cannon against tigers and panthers, the laters being virtually immune to the 75mm AP already (forcing people to shoot the gun and threads and rely on infantry or CAS).
I seriously hope this is a mistake since germany already dominates against the US tank wise.