Tempelhof Map for Berlin Campaign

Thought that a Tempelhof map would be cool with the tunnels underneath it and the gun batteries above, also they could do the same thing they did for Airfield in the Normandy campaign, have Bf-109s or a few Stukas scattered around the airport.

Assault would be points A and B out in the open in the airfield, C and D inside the building, and point E in the main terminal. Invasion would work in a similar fashion.

Conquest would be relatively simple, just copy and paste the control points from The Reich Chancellery map and space them out differently.

IDK, I just thought it would be a cool map and this seemed like the place to mention it.

Oh and also the Barnitzke MG as a gold order weapon for Berlin.


Love it.
Let’s also do a David Hasselhoff Baywatch map

An excellent idea.

It could take the place of the Armored train, the biggest annoyance map in the whole game.

Thanks, I’m glad someone thinks it’s a good Idea.