Tech tree

I have been playing this game for quite a long time well before it was bolloxed up with this merge crap.
But what i want to know is , as i had the full unlocked german and american sides and equipment do i have to unlock every garbage tank in the german line to get the tiger 2.
More importantly what is the damn point in letting me waste time unlocking the tiger 2 only to be told afterwards i have to unlock every other tank on the line .
Is this a glitch or is it simply another stupid step in the same stupid direction the devs are taking this game.

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In case any one askes , yes i already had the tiger 1 pre merge

You have to unlock and buy everything leading up to the tank you wish to buy (this does not include foldered vehicles, you dont have to unlock or buy these)

not saying its good. just telling you how it is


yes in fact if i had my way the tiger 2 would be removed from the game it is a blight on the game, dam near unkillable if in the gray zone outside of planes, tiger 2’s i see one in game and leave as i normally play br3 and under

Stop crying and grind like the rest of us. Did you think you were entitled to unlock the Tiger II just because you played Normandy pre merge? :rofl: Should have grinded Berlin Pre merge.


may not be able to kill
But I can destroy their cannon barrels
Or use smoke to humiliate them

skill issue.

i think the tiger has been nerfed so badly just this evening i lost a track to some one with a rifle, not an anti tank rifle just a plain old bolt action, christ knows how .

It is unconfirmed, but supposedly you just need 1 XP in the prereq squads between them in order to buy later items that you trained prior. If you want to train beyond that pre merge trained squad you may need prerequisites trained fully. I can’t unfortunately test this as my trees are complete.

i read that if you had br4 stuff your grind went from that point upwards and it was a glitch that stopped you unlocking anything above what you already had.
Still pointless making people grind for a biscuit tin on tracks though

Thanks, not sure i fully understand but as for the tiger 2 im not even being offered the squad to drive it, unless that option opens up when you get all previous tanks .
Tbh the tech tree is a bit of a mystery to me i just like to play n shoot some baddies, it was a pisser in war thunder n its a pisser in this game now

Facing the same issue as of right now. The foldered items within the tech tree don’t make sense. Since you need to grind those nevertheless. Plus, even after unlocking a bunch of these useless tanks be prepared to spend 15,000 silver to buy each tank. A perfect way to go broke if you ask me.

You only need to get 1 item in a folder to be able to progress to the next item.

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Doesn’t work for me. Even if I select the non-foldered item it keeps resetting back to the non-researched item within the folder.

I dont know for sure if it’s relevant for you, but it looks like you should always research the first item in a folder, when you have that, you can progress to the next item following the folder.

I have only the first items in these folders and was able to progress.

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In this folder, I have 3 planes researched, but didnt buy 1 of the 3, but still was able to progress (coz I have the first item in the folder I guess)

Here, I only have the second item in a folder, and cant progress.




Yeah. Thanks for these screenshots. I am facing the last issue. I have one item researched within a folder and the other one is not researched. But it keeps reverting to the non-researched item on the folder as I wish to progress further.