Tanks and planes

Let the players sell the tanks and planes “WE BOUGHT” with our hard earned silver so we can clean the garbage from our garages. Why are we forced to keep a tank that we were forced to research and buy to actually get to a tank or plane we wanted, when we will never use it again? We can sell our guns we were forced to research and buy, but not obsolete tanks and planes? :expressionless:


Well, I got most of my vehicles for free :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s at least a partial solution:

  • you can sell upgrades.

It’s strange I know, but if you got your tank to 6*, you can get it down to 3 stars (or 1) again and get a small % of silver in return.

I don’t really buy tanks because I don’t really like to use them, but I understand why you cannot sell guns, tanks or planes that you start out with which were free, but you can sell all the weapons you had to research and buy with your silver, except for vehicles which you still had to research and buy. As for selling the upgrades? I never upgrade them because I don’t usually use them so I don’t upgrade them.

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You can sell weapons that were free :thinking:

Only the “starter” bolt actions are worth 0 silver, so are just scraped when “sold”.

Unless you put some stars in them, when sold they WILL give you back a bit of silver (but not a lot)

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Benefits of doing the grind before the merge, I guess?

But I find no fault with this post. I have no need for tanks or planes, I wouldn’t be caught dead using.
They just sit there, collecting dust with no purpose.


Yeah, I even asked for this before merge was even implemented.

But answer from developers was nothing like that is planned.