T-44 Medium Tanks


Say hello to the “T-44” (Object 136)
This is the first version with the 85mm gun featuring 75mm thick upper plate and 90mm thick turret.

It was only the T-44A production versions that had 90mm thick upper plate and 120mm thick turret

It is because of the Long 88 being able to penetrate 87mm at 60 degrees of armour at point blank range that it was decided that the new medium T-44’s tanks should have at least 90mm thick upper plates at 60 degrees, other wise their new tanks would have their hull armour defeated by German Long 88’s up to 1000 meters.

For those wondering why my penetration figures don’t match those in War Thunder, it’s because War Thunder values are full of crap

I already made bug reports regards to correct performance for AP(BC) and APC(BC) rounds and how gaijin should be calculating their penetration instead

Non Capped AP(BC) Bug Report

Capped APC(BC) Bug Report

I recommend supporting these bug reports and giving them thumbs up since whatever the values are in War Thunder, they get copy and pasted into Enlisted.



I made one for the Maus as well lol


I know there’s an American shell or two they cucked us on too

Armour penetration values can misleading, it should be an indicator of average expected penetration value not actual power.

here is the thing why post here though ? I mean this is Enlisted forum

…because they want the T-44 added to Enlisted I’d presume

But didn’t he ask for pen values to be changed


Tier 1 Early
Allies: M13 MGMC
GER: Panzer II C
USSR: T-26
Japan: Ha-Go Mod. 1938

Tier 1 Mid
Allies: A13 Mk II
GER: Panzer III E
Japan: Type 2 Ke-To

Tier 1 Late
Allies: M3A1 Stuart
GER: Panzer III F
Japan: Chi-Ha


Tier 2 Early
Allies: Crusader II
GER: Panzer III J
USSR: T-80
Japan: Chi-Ha Kai

Tier 2 Mid
Allies: Matilda II
GER: Panzer III J1
Japan: Chi-He

Tier 2 Late
Allies: M3 Lee
GER: Panzer III M
USSR: T-50
Japan: Ho-I


Tier 3 Early
Allies: Cromwell V
GER: Panzer IV F.2
USSR: T-34 Mod 1940
Japan: Ho-I (57mm)

Tier 3 Mid
Allies: M4A2 Sherman
GER: Panzer IV G
USSR: T-34 Mod 1943
Japan: Chi-Nu

Tier 3 Late
Allies: M4A1 (76)
GER: Panzer IV H
USSR: KV-1 (ZIS-5)
Japan: Na-To


Tier 4 Early
Allies: M4A2 (76)
GER: Jagdpanzer IV/70
USSR: T-34-85 (D-5T)
Japan: Chi-Nu II

Tier 4 Mid
Allies: A34 Comet
GER: Tiger I H
USSR: T-34-85
Japan: Chi-To Prod.

Tier 4 Late
Allies: Firefly
GER: Panther A
Japan: Chi-Ri Prod.


Tier 5 Early
Allies: Centurion I
GER: Panther F
USSR: T-44-85
Japan: Ka-To

Tier 5 Mid
Allies: M26 Pershing
GER: Tiger II P
USSR: IS-2 Mod 1943
Japan: O-I Heavy

Tier 5 Late
Allies: Super Pershing
GER: Tiger II H
USSR: IS-2 Model 1944
Japan: Ho-Ri Prod.


Tier 1: Tetrarch
Tier 2: M5A1 Stuart
Tier 3: Cromwell III
Tier 4: M4A3 (76)
Tier 5: Black Prince

Tier 1: Panzer III B
Tier 2: Panzer IV F.1
Tier 3: Panzer IV J
Tier 4: Tiger I E
Tier 5: Jagdtiger

Tier 1: T-60
Tier 2: A-32
Tier 3: T-34 Mod 1942
Tier 4: KV-85
Tier 5: Object 248

Tier 1: Type 4 Ke-Nu
Tier 2: SNLF Chi-Ha 12cm Short
Tier 3: Ke-Ho (57mm)
Tier 4: Chi-Ri II
Tier 5: ———

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When they get changed in WT, they get Also changed in Enlisted

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