Suggestions for the campaign removal updates

Yk, my best suggestion for my and the communities complains to the removal of campaigns update is allowing you to choose an era and the front you fight on when youre doing a match. I like historical accuracy as in you are fighting a more or less historical battle than historical accuracy as in “i need to play this specific regiment cause they fought in Kaluga in 1941”. My view is that this sistem could be improved by allowing you to choose a “campaign” with each nation but only research once, and make a better match making sistem, my solution being maybe either replacing tiers with “eras” and you just choosing which part/era of a campaign youd like (ofc depending on your current loadout). Some people complained about having so many squads but I actually like it, as you could costumise each squad for a playstyle maybe, for a tier, for an era. Point is. If you have a loadout using tier II weapons you could choose moscow or stalingrad, if you have tier IV, stalingrad and berlin. Another issue ive seen people complaining about is the balancing sistem, as people with mostly automatics on low tier destroy the others with mostly bolt actions, and my suggestion here is just capping the amount of each squad type on any build.Aka 1 engineer squad, one assault squad, 1 rifle squad, etc… Also, getting switched between tiers is not ok, it should be deadlocked onto that tier specifically, or at least have 80% of the match be of that tier specifically and not higher or lower, as it ruins the experience for the vast majority… On short, keep the nation sistem as is (one research line), allow us to relatively choose where to play on, improve matchmaking balance by trying to not make mixed tier matches, force a cap on squad types you can field, (only one of each preferably) and for the love of god DONT PUT ME IN A BERLIN MATCH WITH A T-26 AGAIN. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk. (If im wrong about smth be civil, im out.)

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Their goal is to keep many player in a same lobby as possible to save the server, in order to save the resource and creat a illution " game is not dead". If they give you opptunity to chose specific map you with to play, it will be like before they add this “balance BR”