Suggestion: make Fw 190 D-12 fighter instead of attacker

Soviet Top Tier fighter: I-185 with 2250kg bomb
Allied Top Tier fighter: P-47 with massive AtG armament
Japan Top Tier Fighter: also 2
Guess who has a top fighter with completely no ability against ground units? lol


Yes or give the BR5 Bf109 some big bombs.


That isnt a fighter but an attacker aswell.

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Yep, better to mention the BR4 AP-4C fighter with many cannons and hvars.

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Or, give Axis the Reggiane Re.2005 fighter with 500kg bomb.


Enlisted vehicles are copied from War Thunder, and in WT the Bf 109 K-4 doesn’t have any bomb. (historically it may have bombs though.)
K-4 is a strong fighter in skilled hands, as MK108 does good damage, usually 2~3 shots a plane. Instead of buffing the K-4, just make the fighter-bomber Fw 190 a fighter.


I think the they added the 500kg to the K4 as an option a long ish time ago.
Edit: But it might have been after the K4 was added to enlisted.

the game still lacks Jabo versions of FW-190


Nah dude Bf 109 K-4 can carry a 500KG bomb in WT

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I feel a plane’s class should be directly tied to how it was operated during the war in real life. For example, the HS 123 was used as a discount Stuka so I feel it should be changed to an Attack plane, not a fighter

If it’s primary job was to fight enemy planes, Fighter
If it’s primary job was to fight targets on the ground, Attack

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Yeah, even in WT, 123 is classed as dive bomber. They should make it the first attacker unlock for the Axis with 250kg and 4x50kg loadout, and instead add He 51 as the biplane fighter, air firepower would be the same, and the C variant has 6x10kg bomblets.

The Bf 109 K-4 can be outfitted with the following ordnance:

  • Without load
  • 1 x 500 kg SC500K bomb (500 kg total)
  • 2 x 20 mm MG 151 cannons, gunpods (wing-mounted) (135 rpg = 270 total)

Would be a Fine Choice


ooh I see. My apologies.

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Isn’t the fw190 d12 equipped with 30mm cannons? Have you tried shooting those to the ground, they are like little rockets. And 4 50kg bombs plus a 250kg… Are you sure of your suggestion or you are not using it right?

Why would you even want to move it to being a fighter? The way it’s supposed to be flown makes it pretty miserable for fighting other planes in Enlisted

I understand your post and your suggestion. I would have to disagree. I used to hold the same thoughts as you but as time has gone on and I have played the game, I personally believe that it doesn’t necessarily matter if it is an attacker plane or a fighter plane. If we can equip two plane squads (as premium time, not sure about F2P) then I can have my A-8 fighter squad and the D-12 in the attacker role. I can use both planes for both roles. The FW190 D-12 is also designed to be used as a high altitude attack aircraft that would be used to fly high and attack aircraft from higher altitudes then their current height, and come “swooping” down and attack from above or/also dogfight at higher altitudes because it was easier for them than it was Soviet/Allied planes. (I’m generalizing lots of information and keeping it short).
I say all this because I have lots of time, experience, CAS skill and kills with the FW190 planes in game.