Such Frustration

Started playing Japan since the new version and just rage quitted.
Like, what kind of matchmaking even is this? Team Lifeless Veteran vs Team Noob?
Most of our team were running BR I gears and seem did not managed to unlock the engineer squad yet (including myself) and we had virtually no AT capability so all we could do was hopelessly get mauled down by enemy Shermans while crossing the rivers.
25 minutes of pure agony.
My experience has been bad (won 4 matches out of 21) but this one was particularly frustrating.
I don’t deserve this.
No one deserves this.


And they think having BR5 qllies fighting japan is going to be balanced

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Such frustration!
Many Katanas!
Much Honor!


Bee line for the first plane with a payload
CAS enemy armor
You’re welcome

Japan is losing players day by day. There aren’t enough people playing with Japan. That’s why you get really bad teams. But sometimes you will get really good teammates. I stopped playing Japan and went to the soviets and USA. Most of the people are playing with those two nations.

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Hell, it isn’t going well for the soviets either. And don’t get me started why… You’d be better just playing US of A right now.

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Why’s that?

Just look at this “Best sniper award” in your team :smiley: … Then look at the other team… You were playing 3v7 - leave those games early or suffer, that’s the deal unfortunately.

*Dont worry for “Other player experience being ruined” - AI will fill your place = more EXP for sealclubbers :wink:

You are what’s wrong with the playerbase

I am not the righteus one for sure, still YOU are choosing to suffer by your own choice - I wonder who will end up better off in the long run :wink:

Funny thing is I don’t suffer. I enjoy this game regardless if my team steamrolls the enemy, the enemy steamrolls my team, or if it’s a proper match that goes on for all of the some time. Granted the last option is the best option, as matches that come down to the wire are the most fun regardless of final outcome, but the game still has something to enjoy in all of these types of games. Whether it’s enjoying that the enemy falls beneath you like rats, or the idea of you trying to desperately hold off the enemy team solo while your team is worthless
Now, they can get irritating after a while if you have those kinds of matches back to back to back, much like the Conquest gamemode, but still there aren’t inherently unenjoyable

I can guarantee I have more fun playing Enlisted in any match I get than you do lobby surfing trying to find one against a bunch of idiots and bots you can farm for easy SL/XP/RP

As much as I don’t enjoy easy steamrolls, I prefer to keep my sanity intact by avoiding 1v6 situations - why setting yourself up for automatic loss… but again, that’s up to your preference.

My point was, that Gaijin won’t change anything in the MM unless they see a danger to the bottom line / future revenue (in form of rampant playerbase decline). Their philosophy “If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it” relies on hard statistics to determine the state of the game and overall experience - With mediocre results to say the least.

Well of course not. Gaijin’s not the developer

Yea yea… Gaijin mentality is share across all subsidiaries :wink:

You guys had more kills and higher scores but yet you still get stomped. It’s extremely frustrating