Stop noobs from spamming tank

Many noobs in the game like to hop into a tank when the battle gets tough, as if that gives them an advantage. And just been destroyed quickly, thus wasting more tickets for the team. (Especially Berlin’s T34 spam) I believe many noobs don’t even know the weaknesses of their or the enemy’s tanks. Such people are not qualified to be tank soldiers.

The solution has appeared many times on the forum
Add a score cost system for vehicles
Or add vehicle maintenance fees (this will detonate the community)


Yes, but

Without practice, how can they ever become qualified? :thinking:

I don’t mind it. Because it also happens for the enemy team and…

I do love myself some tank targets!


how about we add a fuel/oil/battery gauge a countdown time meaning they have to you know tank and not imitate a gun battery. When the timer ticks down you can’t do anything but shoot straight where your turret was when you ran out of stuff.

Turrets can be manually cranked when juice runs out.

Take the pz4J for example.

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I don’t understand the relevance of this to the topic

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So I personally prefer the solution of vehicle maintenance fee, you can still practice if u want, but have to PAY for the consequence. If someone know that his skills are not good, he will not spam the vehicle and drag down the whole team.

I believe that using a vehicle should be a technically role and should only be undertaken after getting enough knowledge in the practice mode (or in warthunder).

Defender’s vehicles are “free”, And some factions are more likely to be the attacker than their this would be a problem.

some tanks, also it should be far slower and take stamina, and could not be done with one crew member unless he wants to turn the gun then load and fire

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you forgot those that sit in the gray zone hiding because they mistake tank for field gun artillery. Ill tank spam runners that try over gray zone cowards that are so afraid of grenades they hide out of the game area.

Noooo at that point I should play warthunder


Noobs waste tickets no matter what, has nothing to do with vehicles.


Lots of people couldnt hit water if they fell out of a boat.

Not qualified to have a gun.

Point system to have a gun, they can carry the ammo :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, im not against requiring points to spawn in more powerful assets.

On the otherhand, i love farming tankers and pilots…less points for me if they cant spawn in

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Vehicles spamming is the most efficient way to waste tickets because vehicle squads require more tickets and can be destroyed faster

Do they tho? This is not public knowledge. I had some discussions about this some time ago, tho I am still today not sure how the ticket system works.

I don’t think vehicles cost more tickets than infantry squads, tho I might be wrong - which would be pretty stupid. Why should they cost more tickets to begin with?

Pretty sure everything is worth the same

9 man, 3 man, vehicle, plane…doesnt matter (tickets, not score)


Using score to spawn as a vehicle was an idea I went heavily detailed on which might have inspired that mech april fools event. It was near identical to how I offered how to do it. Didn’t see much people complain about that when the event happened.

Nonetheless, instead of score… it should be a kill limit. No one can spawn in a vehicle unless they reach 30 infantry kills. This should be long enough to have it boots on the ground for the first point of any invasion match or a relieve for cqc conquest maps. Other game modes same difference.

30 kills should take an average player 1-5 minutes depending on their skill set. If you push the point, you can more than likely kill more = faster time to spawn in a vehicle. It also promotes skill versus RNG or a waiting system for any other player wanting to spawn in lets say a weaker tank because they could.

If you hide in the back and don’t benefit the team, then those people shouldn’t have the right to spawn in a vehicle OR complain that they can’t. 30 kills is 30 kills, doesn’t matter how its done - just needs to be done to be allowed vehicle spawns. And to make this balanced in a way, paratroopers would be counted as a vehicle spawn since it technically spawns in as a vehicle (or force the squad to spawn with the rest of the troops BEFORE the 30 kill barrier is lifted).

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“Vehicle Maintenance fee”


If you OPEN THAT CAN OF WORMS, The devs might also add Maintenance fee for normal weapons.


“Hiding” out of effective range of AT weapons is exactly what tanks were made for.

Field artillery hides out of sight.

It’s quite important to know teh difference if you don’t want to be mistaken for a noob.

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Seems fair to me - all weapons start brand new and in perfect working order - the more you use them the higher the chance of failure and the higher the cost of repair… can also do regular maintenance to improve reliability

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We want the tech tree and B.Rs of WT, Not the god damn repair system my dude.