Stop comparing enlisted to war thunder

This is more of a rant than anything, more and more I’ve seen people say take X from war thunder, or add X from war thunder.

Enlisted is its own thing, they’re built on two different systems. Things such as marketplace, pricing, etc. Just because war thunder gets something doesn’t mean we are entitled to get that same thing, on the other hand that also means we need to be pushing developers to give us the things that they have promised and make positive improvements to this game.


Why not. Same engine, same assets, borrowed mechanics. It just makes sense to port stuff over, half the work is done, not to mention a decade of attempted balancing. Which is better for Enlisted players as content should be more readily available.

It is also goes a little way to appeal to the warthunder audience. People love their vehicles and planes, I know I do…even If i do most of my work as infantry. Its the vehicles and planes that get me excited. (mainly because the majority of iconic weapons are already in)

by all means, bring over the really good, proven stuff…just leave the shitty repairs, event grind, free xp which is really “fee xp”, mixed nations, mixed eras…all that stuff can geeerrrrt out.


problem my friend it’s for give an example in War Thunder (taking from real life concepts) have material for Japan, like plane with rockets who could be in medium or high br and for X or Y they refuse to give to Japs meanwhile murricans can have a permanent rocket spam cycle if they wish on Pacific, at least let us have something for be equal or nerf it, because even with 2 AA and 1 SPAA no matter how good you can be, always one plane escape and will wipe half of your team, even if you know the usual map pathing who the plane users do, risk always will be there, and also, some models of other vehicles who just they need do copy paste (because Enlisted use as base from WT) so…it’s for that, friend

No OP.
Enlisted is at least a cousin of Warthunder (if not even a brother) so there WILL. BE. COMPARISONS.

Memes aside, a lot of information about vehicles can easily be borrowed from WT and applied in Enlisted. The way they fly, drive, fire their guns - and how much armor they can penetrate…
Sure, there are a few differences here and there (like planes don’t overheat in Enlisted), but… Enlisted depends on WT too much to simply warrant ignoring the comparison.

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War thunder map influence the way vehicles are implemented. Maps in War Thunder have large flat areas for tank to easily traverse, although there are maps with different elevation, the hills still have a smooth surface.

Enlisted Stalingrad factory map

War Thunder Stalingrad factory map

Notice how spacious the factory floor is in War Thunder. Vehicle physics are modeled for War Thunder maps, it’s not optimized for Enlisted map where there are more rubbles and rough surfaces. This cause problems like tanks getting stuck or they twitch when parked on top of rubbles. Darkflow import vehicles straight from WT into Enlisted without adding another level of complexity to their physics model is the reason why vehicle physics in Enlisted is trash.

War thunder to Enlisted? Can it be done? After spending about 20 years building race tracks and race cars for video games, I do know something about modeling, physics and converting. There are programs which allows you to take a model from one game totally unrelated and convert it to another. For example you could take a car or Tank from Grand Theft Auto and convert it to be used in Enlisted. You’re only converting the model, the rest of the car files would have to be created to allow it to be used in Enlisted. Of course, that alone is very time consuming, and I doubt we need a Ferrarri in Enlisted. :rofl:

In a nutshell, you can pretty much put anything into a video game world as long as you have the model, can create all the files necessary and can adjust the physics. If both Enlisted/War Thunder are made by the same people, then converting things from one to the other by those people SHOULD be fairly simple as my assumption is a lot of the files would be similar, if not the same.

No. Also, Enlisted is pretty close related to however the battle royale was called.

Market was teased and even then the engined and assets are stil… pretty close.
Pricing is worse in Enlisted but still they are siblings.

Apart from Navy, yes. After all, almost if not all vehicles are straight from WT with only interior for tanks being “made” by DF.

We should compare it to HLL.

Just because everytime, it starts a dumpster fire that I like to watch. :innocent: