Sten gun-family (Sights)

So what do we say about the sights of the Sten gun and the designs derived from it like, Austen? (I also included the BSA Welgun)

First and foremost, the hole of the peep rear sight is way bigger than how it should be. And in my opinion, it’s fair to increase the size since it might have been unusable if it would be an exact copy of the real counterpart.

Here you can see the difference between the in-game model and the real deal:

Some people say that, sometime after Tunisia was released, the devs enlarged the hole of the peep rear sight, but I’m not so sure they ever changed it.They might have made Vickers-B more usable, but Sten has always had the same sights if I remember correctly.


Here you can see the sights on the different models.

Sten MK II
Some might say they like this sight. I don’t think it’s bad at all, quite the opposite. I perform very well with this sight, but in my opinion, it looks childish and cheap. The hole is too big and should be changed.

Sten MK III (premium)
This looks way more aesthetically pleasant. The ring has a fair size and the front sight pyramid is gone.

Sten MK II(S)
Considering the soldier holds the mag this sight picture might be the worst of them all? The rear sight itself is however much better than the non-suppressed MK II, in terms of aesthetic.

Since Austen is a fairly new model from last year, I would say the rear sight is the most historical accurate. The size of the hole is equal to MK II (S) but the whole thing is much bigger. They also put the camera further away, which I like.
Problem here: the stupid sling swivel blocking some part of your sight.

However, best of them all. The latest weapon to be added to this game: BSA Welgun

The position of the mag makes a major difference. I believe this ADS is clean and very nice. The camera is further back, like with Austen.
Also a plus for the front sight which resembles the one from Sten MK III.


So what you say?
You like it or not? What would you like to be changed?


I like the sten gun sights, purely from an operational point of view. Are they over size and perhaps a little silly? yup

For me I like the Sten MK II and Welgun the best. Very clear sights

They are very comfortable to use and easy to track targets, which is important to me in a game, so I can live with them being exagerated.

If I wanted to suffer actual peep sights Id just take my rifle out back :stuck_out_tongue: (bit of missing context, peep sights are good, I just have reasons)

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The garand has also way too big hole in the sight

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I like peep sights too, makes it much easier to track : )

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I do like it. This is something I think quite a majority people who demand “historical accuracy” doesn’t consider. Some weapons would be considered near unusable because of their rear sight apertures.

The M1 Garand’s Rear Sight Aperture is nowhere as big as it is in game and that’s probably one of the most iconic weapons of WW2. There would be a LOT of hate if that weapon was truly “historically accurate”. And I’ve fired that weapon both on range and ceremonial.

As long as the recoil ain’t bad and the sights are agreeable I’m going to use that weapon. Even if it is the humble Sten!


peep sights ? :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: