Stalingrad extra 2 slots reimbursement?

Does anyone know how much we’ll get back for the Stalingrad slots? They said they won’t transfer but rather will be reimbursed along side all the other slots.
Don’t tell me they’ll pay 1480 (490+990) Gold in total for both slots with the logic they are reimbursed from the bottom two for just German and Russians combined? Should be at the very least 2960 ((490 + 990) * 2) but in my opinion they should reason from the top since in Stalingrad we could also buy the bottom two slots cheaply ourselves and get the top two from the pack essentially. So the reimbursement would be (1490+1990) * 2 = 6960 gold imo.

That sounds like a lot but even that still breaks the promise of 2 more slots than you otherwise could have…




was more interested in the slots than engineers lol


Really? Ok thx for that correction. Should be then (990+1490+1990) * 2 = 8940.

Technically…counting forward, + 500 per level the calculation of (2490 + 2990 + 3490) * 2 = 17940 could still make sense. Especially considering they are taking away stuff that can’t be replaced but they promised to people.


Don’t see how an MKB-42 is better than the FG42 for engineers. Soviet engineers can still carry AVT-40’s too I believe. So yeah, I also care wa more about the slots.


only possibllity is being lower BR, but I doubt it will be enough to matter.

I bought the pack for flame panzer LOLOL. Thats about as far as my thinking went.

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I bought it for the slots initially and then really like the 4x xp boost to grind out some Russian and German stuff for the merge.
Bit salty that the slots thing isn’t going to happen since that promise is what made me buy it… False advertising at its finest. Am already kinda expecting we’ll be getting a grand total of 2470 gold back with their logic being the first three slots would’ve cost that much in Stalingrad when in reality it should be atleast x2 and imo atleast the top amount (not the bottom amount). I’d really be annoyed if they give that little especially since it’s all in game currency that costs nothing for them to make or distribute. If we don’t get a reasonable amount I’ll forever distrust their promises. I’m a reasonable person, I get it that it’s technologically a hassle to make happen but if they low ball the compensation when giving a fair amount costs them nothing then I’d think it’s a real bad move.


Mark my words, we are gonna get half of whatever you think we are gonna get as compensation.



no clear answer has been given.

but we cold try our luck to know the answer from @Euthymia07

you’d reckon you can get info about that matter?

or… at least ask them if they can make a statement / thread about it?


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pretty sure they get transfered, they only get reinbursed if you reach a limit by having extra slots in other campaigns too

We’ll see the gold refund when the update drops, it’s the only thing i can say

No. All slots will get refunded since converting them has too many technical difficulties.


I fear you’re right.
I hope you’re not.


Buying squad slot in one campaign unlocks the slot for both factions, thus the multiplication doesn’t apply.

It does when you need to replace it under the new system.
Besides, we’re talking broken promises here and susbstituting it for something that hasn’t even been negotiated AFTER it’s been paid for. So whatever claim feels just by the community is the right one because they’ll need save face on their false advertising.

Like I said earlier, I’m a reasonable person. The typical thing for false advertising to do is a refund. I could look up EU law, under which I bought the access pack and get super technical but I’m happy to simplify and save everyone some time and take the value of the Stalingrad access pack in in game currency. They print that for free so doesn’t cost them anything and I’d be satisfied with that.

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Judging by the way you talk I’m not the only “special one”

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