Splash damage from Russian tanks on infantry

I have asked this many times but hopefully the developers will see it here and maybe address it…There is little or no splash damage from the T-50 tank on infantry…I have to actually hit them with my shell and then they do not alwways die…If I hit them with MG fire they sometimes die but not even then…

Everything under 50mm caliber does not do much area of effect damage… it’s what, 37mm? Not much explosive filler in those shells.

If you want more boom and ultimate infantry deleting machine (at low br), the t28 with it’s bigger shells AND IT’S 3 lmgs, is for you!


Nothing under 75mm has any blast radius. Get a larger caliber cannon and you’ll see results

It’s a 45mm, so it won’t do a lot, you need 75/76mm

Thanks…I just unlocked the T28…

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Prepare to completely halt entire axis charges!

T28 is like Gandalf. Axis infantry shall not pass by you. Not with HE and THREE lmgs!


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I think if I use the T28 then I cannot use the T 50 correct? I have to use the t60 or T70 if I want 2 tank squads

Then t70 is a great cavalry tank. It served me really well, it’s fast!

It’s actually crazy how little appreciation Soviets show to T-70, that thing can frontally kill any panzer III and IV.

37mm is good for low br. The bt7 is a very fast moving 37mm. I really love it’s mobility.

Indeed its good, but T-70 and BT-7 are armed with more powerful 45mm guns.
Panzer III B and E models plus the premium Pz38 have 37mm guns.