Soviet vehicle suggestion and 1 German vehicle

Another mobile game that I play and it have interesting and some normal vehicle that we could
probably have in game.

As for the game it decent but a little too p2w but it an RTS so I like it

Imo all except the Stalin sledgehammer could work I think since even tho the Stalin sledgehammer apparently class as “SPA” I think it just too big for enlisted

I could suggest 1 vehicle for German that I know warthunder have but idk if it fit for enlisted

Look familiar eh?


“Armored tractor”

True soviet experience.


Yea that thing is a menace in this game really cheap and super effective and I love it

Your tractor Vs This tractor
Both be awesome Gold Orders :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes the most legendary battle

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I need to see S-51 direct firing at the objecrive.
A sight to behold.


In video, love how it also comes with a towable Arty behind it :smile:


oh i forgot to mention this but i think the tractor should be a rider vehicle so that way it can terrorize people just like in this mobile game beside it gonna face like pz3 N i think (i cant remember much about german br2-3 vehicle tbh)

edit: just look it up and it gonna face pz4 and stug3 so it should be fine i guess

tractor looks pink so great camo for gender reveal party massacre

that just the camo i used it normally green it call “solid red” personally i prefer solid gold

but yea i should have take the skin off but oh well it too late now

What are you saying?


These are the same wth?
what happened to it corrugation?


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What’s the game btw, is it like WoT? Seems fun

Flak toaster. Can we have the platform in the upright position? :sweat_smile: