Soviet truck when merge

So since warthunder have so many truck with vary different caliber i think after merge we should get all these truck variant i mean who care right? it a truck not a maus or some powerful tank it just a truck what do allie and axis get? halftrack probably idk the soviet literally have like 10+ truck variant and we got 1 of those


gaz 4m and gaz dshk would be nice


Lol, that’s something I would truly love.


They better give us separate vehicle slot for those trucks just like Motorbikes have exclusive slot so we could spawn along two tanks.


oh right the event one use tank slot instead of infantry welp i didnt think about that ngl


We need heavy tanks not trucks :v:

that would create discussion and that up to someone else to suggest anyway i would love to get some too tbh

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Heavy tanks are useless in BR concept. You’ll get uptiered, and tou instantly just useless slow box easily destroyable by basically everything.

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If I was worried about this I wouldn’t play with tanks anymore

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you do got a point there

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but t-35 is funny land ship


That would be cool. The Russians could get a GAZ DShK, the Americans could get a .50 cal Willys Jeep, and the Germans a KĂĽbelwagen with an MG-34 in the back.

I don’t know what Japan would get. Maybe the Type 94 truck? But that has a 20 mm cannon, so maybe not.

scout cars should honestly be their own thing, with:

Kubelwagen with MG34 going to Germany no question
Willys with M1919 instead going to US/UK
Japanese getting Type 95 Kurogane with some MG (Type 11, 96, 99)
And Soviets… either ignoring the reality of the number of GAZ-64/67 produced during the war and making them their scout cars with DP-27/Maxim/SG-43, or just giving them Willys MBs as well, maybe with the aforementioned MGs for flavor.

How would they fit, I’ve got no idea tbh. Maybe as a vehicle for Riders?


Scouts cars would be just free points for HMGs tbh.


rider class are really unique imo and yea i think it could work as another rider class stuff so we dont have to rethink of a whole new class

maybe add in armored cars as well


If that MG 34 comes with AP ammo and 250rnds… yes please