Soviet Small Arms Balancing Discussion Thread

Yep. Let’s have a small arms balancing thread with this faction.

Since nobody is talking about the AS-44 as that didn’t bring enough dedicated Soviet players to Berlin, lets talk about this gun. Its actually a good gun covering the PPSh weakness on medium range onwards, standard assault rifle magazine capacity and makes more sense than Fedorov in terms of practicality despite only ended up as a prototype.

Closest thing for an AKM and I actually like this gun more than the STG. If only the STG have a better firing sound as the one we have in game sounds like a BB gun.

I want to talk about the automatic/semi-automatic rifles of the Soviet Army. They are really good.
The performance of the AVS in Moscow and the AVT in Stalingrad was amazing. Since the Germans only had semi-automatic rifles to compete with them, I felt that I could gain a huge advantage here.
Think of a team of 9 riflemen armed with fully automatic weapons that can kill with one shot at mid-range, ohhhhh, I love this so much
In addition, the SVT is an excellent semi-automatic rifle. Its gunfire is soft and pleasant, its recoil is gentle and easy to control, and it makes reloading smoother.

The Soviet army gives me the impression that it is a faction with excellent rifles.

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Yeah, they do have very good rifles.

I especially underestimated Soviet semi snipers. They’re very good and extremely enjoyable to play at campaigns like Stalingrad, where you are able to climb up so high.

But I really do hate the fact that federov is artificially made so good. This is not wwi game. And there was literally no need for it. Especially sinc ethey introduced progression as44, which basically just reskin of stg44 gameplay wise.
(And yes, I do have bigger problem with federov than AS.

None of the soviet guns are bad. Not in a vacuum, and laughably not when compared to what the axis counterparts get at the same level.

There is one bad soviet gun that is the Mosin M1907, ut then is a starter rifle, probably compete with the K98 Kriegsmodel in the future

An actual bad one, the Madsen, is wack in this game

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Madsen isn’t that bad, though I can’t find any info on the Soviets using in WW2, yet the Germans apparently produced a version during WW2, so IDK why its a Soviet unlock and not a German unlock.

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I assume they were leftovers from back when there was still an Imperial Russian Army.

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Apparently the weapon were used by partisans

WW2: Russian partisans in ambush positions. Pskov region, 1941. The Great Patriotic War, 1941-45.

The Estonian Army had around 1700.


We have achieved peak balance.

No further aid shall be necessary.

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I accept YOU as worthy opponent.


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I still say it should have been an event or battlepass weapon.