Soviet army in level5 is dying!!!

They can be defeated easily by Germen, developers should do smoething to keep balance in leve5 but should not to create a slaught to soviet army


cry all you want, japan lovers we are being censored by murricans and we don’t have interesting customizations, join to the list and await

Well, suck for you guys abandoning Berlin before Merge, guess staying too long in Moscow farming bots and let the Germans build up in Berlin wasn’t a good idea

Just wait until everyone gets the op AR paras from event.


BR4-5 Soviet gets destroyed by Axis
BR1-3 Soviets keep destroying Axis

That’s the result of DF not listening to any feedback when it comes to balancing. But on paper even at top BR Soviets have better guns you are only lacking in tank firepower. So it’s mostly skill issue of Soviet players that play like this:

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and AR engies

Dev give german ticket and capture speed buff in berlin maps due to soviet domination(stalingrad and moscow but most axis main choose berlin) after merge announce, so soviet never have an advantage. With the amount axis mains preparing for the merge flooding into berlin for tiger 2H and naturally player base switch due to ticket and capture speed buff(just like in tunisia and normandy when dev give british and american ticket and capture speed buff), they easily dominate. Soviets did try to fight back, but most left because the game and player base literally don’t favor them. Now we have a german problem where grinded berlin sweats is flooding all T5 matches, pushing the americans back to washington and soviet back to siberia. It’s not really the allie playerbase fault that the axis mains decide to farm berlin for good equipment. but dev’s miserable failure at balancing. So much for axis bias, now steiner’s army is stomping everywhere. Of course I’m not affected by this. taking full advantage of dev’s incompetence and flattening Americans in my tiger 2H seeing them unable to do anything but suffer, is funny. You allie mains have lost the game. Just uninstall and go cry me a river lol. T5 should forever be german bot farm for steiner’s army.

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Hum? Well guess from what I see from the last patch, wish granted… tickets and cap are back to normal but wait a minute, nothing really changed, and funny enough been kicking soviets and US in low BR too

Yeah seems that the game is “balanced” even in low BR I guess.