Some gun sounds are missing

After changing the gun sounds, then check,
the firing sound of the guns is missing, as shown in the above video
Even after examining the .wav files, there are no missing files
all the files responsible for producing sounds are present.
The issue occurs when files are converted.
Even in the case of files playing smoothly without interruptions, once processed through the FMOD Bank Tool (such as conversion to .wav or .bank files), sound becomes missing or intermittent,
even without any modifications to the file. This problem is specific to certain firearms, which include

  1. Beretta M1
  2. Beretta M38
  3. Beretta pistol
  4. Springfield M1903

Other firearms play sounds normally, excluding the ones listed above.
I suspect that the problem arises from files being missing during the conversion process in the
FMOD Bank Tool. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

try reset your game
use PCM instead Vorbis

Even after deleting and reinstalling the game, the issue persists
If you’re referring to the file formats, the audio files exist in .wav format, and even after doing so, this issue persists
I tried various methods, but I couldn’t solve this problem.
Even though there are no issues with the original files, once I convert them, the problem arises.
However, since I need to convert .wav files to .bank files to apply them to the game, encountering this issue leaves me with no solution.
please help