Some cool/funny things I've done and seen in enlisted and other games

just a compilation of stuff I’ve collected playing different games,sorry for the clips being so long,I don’t know how to edit them :upside_down_face:
American GI peeks head through a bush and gets a surprise
headshot kill on a moving jeep
finally getting a tank with the GGP/40 GL
shooting down a P38 with an FG-42
Mid-air collision over moscow
shooting down an airship with a boat
AT gun >Tiger 2H
average Italian soldier in ww2
sending a biplane back to jesus
Nagant-Shpagin crossover?
just your average sighting in the Ardennes
Flying panzer 2
Poor Wehrmacht man gets banished to the backrooms
Shovel-Mondragon Rifle
defying physics in berlin,circa 1945
how to mortar according to germany
he got hit so hard he turned into a worm
propeller breaks the sound barrier after crashing
being legally teamkilled
loyalty trident but no
Stormtrooper having a stroke then partially clipping through a railing

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