Soldiers organisation, selection, squad formation and overview


I would like to ask for a bit better overview of the soldiers, squads and their equipment. It was difficult before, but now with merge practically 4 armies have been combined into one long list of squads.
If you gave one special weapon to certain squad and are trying to find it now, you need to drag each squad first into “preset” (idk how it is called), and only then you can inspect max 4 squads at a time.

I would like to propose implementing a system that would allow us to browise equipment and soldiers even in squads that are currently not active. Even better, if we had an option to bring two squads on the screen at the same time we could compare and switch equipment much much easier. And it is not very hard to implement it, just make the windows smaller and allow for example one squad on the left side and one on the right.
If you can come with some other alternative - even better! Because right now I almost need to write squad composition and weapons on a piece of paper and only once I am done going through the whole army I can start composing my most optimal “after-merge” squads.

Thank you.