So, is Enlisted going to be re-released on Steam or not?

It has been 2,5 months (?) since the botched Steam release. Are they going to do it again or that door is closed forever? If it is going to be re-released, please be actually free this time.

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If they announce it now
then failed again
Then you may have to wait for several 2.5 months.
They may now have met their goal of acquiring a large number of new recruits
It’s just that these newcomers are no different than sandbags
It’s better to wait until the end of the year when they catch up on the ducks and see if they can improve.
Or add a new joke to your Christmas vacation

I don’t think the game is healthy enough to resist another failed launch.

dont worry, steam release will come again. they are just really slow…

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DFs whole approach to the game itself and way of working on the game has to be restructured completely in order to make anything like steam launches successful in the future.

big failures like what we experienced is only possible when many of the responsible people completely misunderstand the quality of the game (especially in its detailed aspects).
the second core problem is DF not doing proper market research and therefore doing beginner mistakes that lead to a disconnect with new customers on an easy market field like steam.

the biggest problem isnt even that the release failed to attract new players, its that hordes of old players either left or play only rarely. even many warthunder nerds i know, who usually would get utterly horny for the new soviet event tank, just stopped caring and went to HLL/warthunder.

obviously enlisted can only succeed, if it avoids cannibalizing customers from warthunder and instead attracts new people who would play other ww2 fps & also keeps them.


Repeating a steam release 10 times equals 10 great updates. Releasing it around the same time as the rest of the schedule is even more of a way to show off the achievement of making multiple great updates in a short period of time.
No penalties, no limits, no constraints, just access to more bonuses, more dollars, rubles, euros, pounds, yuan.
Don’t you realize that it’s been a long time since there were any more promises, no more future visions, no more roadmaps. (Referring to the development team, not to James-the real pillar of the community)

I think that DF is re-scheduling their plans, that is why we haven’t seen the roadmap since they don’t have anything certain to offer either.

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Steam version of Enlisted is still working and updated, just the selling of early access is stopped

You can ask @Adamnpee he have it

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Yeah i know i’m not asking about that. I’m asking for them to release the game again but as a free to play game instead of another 20 bucks “early access”.


Yes, and I even bought the most expensive pay2suffer tank that’s currently in the game :PP

I believe James (or someone else) mentioned they will release some kind of roadmap/upcoming goals soon. I highly doubt your question would not be answered there. You just have to wait.

DF needs to be clear of intentions with the steam release. The last attempt supposedly wasn’t a release but a test. As such, they should have used Steam’s test function rather than a pack (or at least made it a key you got when you bought a pack not on the steam store). Steam Playtest allows them to control the number of users and test a function early. This is how it should have been done originally. This would have also allowed them to keep Enlisted and not do the whole Enlisted: Reinforced debacle.

Will Steam eventually be a thing, I hope so…Supposedly it updates through steam which I would really like over how the launcher does it.

Steam Playtest (Steamworks Documentation) (