Small Killer Entity From CRSED: `effect_geyser`

I discovered geothermal geysers from Siberia

As we all know, the Siberia map is the largest and most exquisite map in all DF games.

In CRSED’s Siberian island map, there is a special landscape, a geothermal fountain, which will be sprayed into the sky when the player steps on it.

I just stumbled foundit, and it’s one of the few CRSED things that has been added to Enlisted.

related entity effect_geyser, place it on the ground and set push_effect__active to true

The player will then be launched into the air by a mysterious magic when they move onto it.

And you can use _use:t=directional_push_affect to make your own effect entity.

  push_effect__direction:p3=0.0, 1.0, 0.0
  push_effect__powerLimits:p2=0.01, 0.8

Patch Note that CRSED’s fountain visual effect has not been added to Enlisted, we may need to wait for dev to add them in the future…I hope they add all the CRSED stuff including maps to Enlisted

You can use this entity to create interesting in-map fixtures or gameplay


Another comment, that map looks so good… i wish enlisted would get more maps than more regular content…

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I wish the lava effect would work in enlisted to create fun mini-game

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The Siberian volcano scene is superb, they shouldn’t waste it. The volcano environment is very detailed and is the volcano you see in the screenshot above

I check inside the volcano in the new geogia map in enlisted and there just rock. That pretty deceiving

all of crsed assets are great and shouldn’t be wasted there…

imagine if only we could add them to enlisted as a pack.

just imagine what we could do with it.

effects, maps, skins, weapons etc.

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yes, please check out the one in Siberia map, absolutely can say as good products


yeah, just a question, how can we check maps and what not?

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No i cant import it to Enlisted

but you can put a file like modEditor.bat in CRSED folder and visit its map in a similar Editor mode with console.


@start win64\cuisine_royale.exe -dev -offlineMode -config:scene:t=gamedata/scenes/cr_siberia_no_items.blk

these are major maps

  • gamedata/scenes/cr_siberia_no_items.blk
  • gamedata/scenes/cr_normandy_summer_no_items.blk
  • gamedata/scenes/cr_normandy_summer_no_items_vanilla.blk
  • gamedata/scenes/cr_mexico_no_items
  • … and some other smaller ones

change the scene to visit the maps…

After entering the scene, use ``` Key(left of 1) on the keyboard to open the console.

It basically has the same command as Enlisted. Enter to view exquisite scenes.


appreciated it.

always wanted to give it a look, but never figured out how to do it.

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Afaik the effect was fully available at one point, now only the push effect remains ):

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You should also try cr_normandy_zombie_rush.blk it’s enlisted zombie mode but better in some ways.

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