Skip, skip, skip

I’ve been through quite a lot of this so I wondered if anyone shares the experience…

How many matches do you skip/quite on average before you get the campaign you want to play ?

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I don’t care of the map honestly I’m fine with all of them (outside train escort),I just desert if my team get stomped

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None, first because it’s not nice for others, and second because while I might get my more preferred map, I also can just keep rolling the same stuff. For example, yesterday I got Stalingrad 5 times in a row. Now imagine the time I would waste just leaving and re-matching for a game, time better spent just playing it.


depend on circumstance i guess especially if i join late and the enemy is already half way through the cap or the game decide to not load me in until i “die” for some reason


not a single one.


I skip matches depending on situation. Conquests are almost always skip when i dont have much time and i want to grind event as fast as possible. Sometimes i dont feel defending so the i leave until i get attacking. I also skip certain maps that i get way too often like stalingrad

There is always a way to score several thousand points even in a losing game (which does not exist unless half the team really deserts)
And even in defeat I enjoy the games.

Holding your hut with a Colt 45 facing the hordes of Japanese after parachuting from your plane, what joy :slight_smile:


0 zero


I mostly just play what i get. Usually dont leave until having 4-5 rounds of a bad matchup, try to break the cycle


Where is the guy who crashes his plane in the first minute, insults his team and then leaves the game?

This kind of behavior is what annoys me the most about the game.


I don’t.

however. One person told me that he could do it for an hour


I’ll stick with a losing team because sometimes we can swing a late victory out of a near-loss.

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I quit every time I get tractor factory, I don’t want to play on that map.

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Sometimes I’m not in the mood to play Pacific/Berlin 24/7, so if I want Normandy I have to desert match after match until I finally get a game that isn’t gavutu north, since BR doesn’t affect map pool anymore.

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On average 8 games.

I always leave when I join a game that has already lost a cap or I’m the only real player against several real players.

Play it out ~19 of 20 times.

Only reasons I drop:

Blatant Rage Hacker - I’ve seen 2 of these in in 3 years.

Technical Issues: Internet issues, Framerate issues, Game Crashes, etc. Normally, will try to reconnect on crash, but sometimes don’t make it in time.

As such, I would guess maybe 10 games in 1000+ played since the merge.

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except Internet connection issues.

Bis zur letzten Patrone wird zurück geschossen…

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Anytime I get japes, I just leave.
Or if I get morons, but generally, it’s the japes.

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