Since Italy and Germany will merge, will the germans keep the bought italian equipment after they become a faction?

Hello comrades!

I really like the looks of some italian equipment (like the large backpack and ammo pouch), and i would like to know if we can keep the italian equipment for the german faction, in case italy will become a faction after the merge.

So if i buy italian equipment now, after the merge it will be usable by germans. If italy becomes a faction, will the stuff be transferred or can i keep using it on my german soldiers?


If I am not mistaken, you could buy both version on test server, so…


you are not mistaken sir, you are correct

even the different looking shovels, mines, backpacks, grenades, etc etc …on the Test server.


As players said above, you will keep Italian equipment)


Not just keep it, i meant will it still be usable for the germans after italy would also become a faction (if that happens?)

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We don’t even know if this will ever happen. I doubt someone can answer this question atm.

My opinion is, if the separation of italy ever happen. Everything stays for Germany as it is. And only completely new stuff will available for italy. Plus some old copypasted stuff, but you would have to all grind it again.


On the test server you can purchase bot unique italian and german equipment, same for the western allies, imo it should stay the same

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I want Italy to be it’s own faction

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The ppSh and, ppd’s and avs 36 being on tier 5 and only locked to berlin even though the ppSh and ppd was in service across all periods of the war as well as the avs being in service in the early phase of the war. But the fg422 and rd44 on Stalingrad and volksturmgewehr and vg2 on Moscow and Tunisia? This is gonna get cancerous unless darkflow adds SOME historical accuracy by making the all warperiod guns a lower BR than their tier and making campaigns like Stalingrad and Moscow only 1-4 br and tiers 1-4 and have Berlin only be 5. There needs to be some historical accuracy kept in the merge, other wise you WILL KILL THE GAME. It’s a historical game, not a typical cod or battlefield.

And I swear if I hear “G0 tO CuST0mZ brah” or “pLaY HeLl LeT LoOsE” I’m gonna lose it. Because HLL is just Uktra realism but enlisted is a good in between, being one that balances semi historical accuracy with arcadiness and the ability to control a bot squad. And the campaign system is a selling point. Just merge the progression but keep the campaign system the way it is.

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