Should the US or germany recieve french weaponry?

With the MAC-24/29 or Chatellerault M24/29 now ingame for the allies (as the gold order weapon) I was wondering who should ultimately recieve the rest of the french gear.

While I do understand why the allies could have a claim on french weapons with some (very limited) french forces participating in the liberation of france. But of those I am very uncertain if they would still be useing the french issues weaponry on a large scale as most would be outfitted with spare comenwealth and US equipment instead.

The german on the otherehand did capture alot of french equipment as Beutewaffen ( here as the MG 115(f) and MG 116(f) ) and even equiped some of it to the troopes on the eastern front to alleviate shortages in equipment ontop of the usual rear guard type troops useing those in france.
This would in my opinion give germany an even greater claim to those weapons (if only one faction can get those and not both).
I would be especially intrested in some of the french tanks as those could give germany some decently armored tanks for the early war periode which where captured by the dozen in the aftermath of the invasion of france.

Saving french equipment for their own faction would be pointless as the curent BR sytem makes creating a french faction impossible as they would be lacking any late war equipment to compete with anything germany has to offer.

Who do you think should get former french weapons?
Should they be folded into the eighter the US or the german TT or should they stay unavailabe for both of them? Or maybe even available to both?
Feel free to post your opinon on this matter.


depend on what br they are

Hmm. Your claims are valid, and I am a German main so I support your statement, but I’d honestly have to see what BR French gear we would be getting and then I’d make a decision. MAS-38 for Germany, Anyone?

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France should have France, and Challenge Otto Von Bismarck in a ww1 theme! (Br 0,5 ?)

For the foreseeable future I think most French weapons and vehicles should go to Germany. Germany was practically using French equipment a lot longer than France did.

I think they should give the LMG to Germany as well


depends on what year they have been made*

Me: look at federov


mostly if they were made before or after fall of france. anything before could be usable by both factions and anything made after fall of france would be usable by germans.

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I will stand my ground.

“Germany needs to be unified”

Ww1 ftw. I would prefer it to more postwar fantasy powercreep content.

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After France was liberated they did join the Allies in the fight in the final stages of the war, but at the moment I think it’s a bit too muddy and convoluted to add a mini French faction. I’m not saying it can’t happen but I think for now it’s not cut and dry

I am in favor of special French squads (Premium and Event) for the Allies like the French SAS

But most French guns, tanks, etc should go to Germany

i think that france would be great neutral faction which would add balance to the MM. they can both be free france and vichy france. only problem i see with them is that they dont have much high BR equipment (e.g. tanks).

the US or the british ideally should recieve french and belgian weapons.

maybe having the french as their own faction.

the germans really don’t need more weapons, but if they get them I’d prefer they just focus on Czech, Austrian, and Hungarian stuff.

France if it’s a faction by itself can get polish stuff, and/or Dutch stuff as well…

one thing I’ll say about this is that I wish war thunder devs had been more “willing” to go “speculative” in a lot of areas. that is to say “what if France didn’t fall in 1940 and had time to evolve designs into 1941” (within reason… basically evolutions of the D.520, M.B. 150-700, V.G.33, etc…) drawn from paper…

similarly doing the same with idk, polish, italian, and japanese vehicles and aircraft loadouts, or offering some info at least why a A6M5c can carry 10 rockets while the A6M4-A6M5 can’t… etc…)… estimate the effects and error on the side of disadvantageous when dealing with the impact of the changes.

They stole my german premium tank squad the 7th, with no response, so I would be careful with any purchases in a Gaijin beta like this.