Should the battle pass Type Hei rifle be at tier 4?

Zrzut ekranu (1916)
Zrzut ekranu (1917)
As you can see above, both the Type Hei and Type Ko have 290 rpm fire rate. The Type Hei does have some slightly better parameters, mainly the reload speed, but is it really that much of a difference to be at tier 4?


Slightly? Look at that V recoil!!!

The Japanese were cursed by designed

Does it matter with that fire rate though? I just tried out these two rifles on the range and they don’t seem that different to be honest.

It doesn’t matter, since you either want to play BR2 or BR4.
BR2 for not encountering jumbos, and BR4 to have fun with any other equipment.
If you would play BR3, there’s so much funny thing you couldn’t use. Especially those 2 smgs or planes. The only interesting thing on BR3 is 12cm chi ha.

I really love when someone is telling me what I want…

Devs shouldn’t balance things out based on what you want lmao

Yes, you’re right. Weapons should be balanced based on stats, which is why the battle pass Type Hei should be in tier 3, the extra 5 rounds in the magazine aren’t enough for it to be two tiers higher than the tech tree version. The regular Type Hei was brought down one tier, so the battle pass one should be as well.

I agree. I was baffled when I noticed this. I bought the BP Type Hei not paying any attention to the BR.

I’m trying to grind to BR4 but it’s been a pain. It’s dumb that I’m going to end up down tiering back to BR2 to complete research in tier4.

Edit: Just to be clear I’m BRV in all the other nations. This is my last nation to grind and it’s making me want to quit the game.