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Hi, so I’ve recently started to play as the European Axis and I know that all the Western Axis campaign was merged together and all. I’ve leveled up a German unit so that they could have a level 1 engineer , however the level one engineer on the purchase menu is Italian same goes with the level one machine gunner is also Italian which doesn’t make sense to have a single soldier in a german unit to be Italian. The same goes with if you wanted to put a level 1 assaulter in a Italian unit, the level 1 assaulter etc isn’t Italian but German which doesn’t make sense at all.

A solution for this would be that when someone is getting a soldier with silver that a flag option appears on screen with one saying Germany or Italy that way level 1 engineers and Machine gunners could be German or vice versa same for Italians.

Also when the Italians aren’t in Tunisia and instead in the other front of Europe they shouldn’t have to wear German uniforms when they’ve got a grey uniform of their own including their own design helmet which could be found in the uniform selection in the Tunisian campaign.

This rule could probably be also applied to the allied faction of UK and USA.( If it also has the same problem)


I was so excited to unlock and purchase an engineer for my main rifleman squad.

Slightly disappointed that he was an Italian in an all-German squad.:laughing:

Yeah. I am a bit particularistic in this regard as well. To the extent that I buy separate ammo pouches, axes, med kits, grenades, tool kits, AP mines and else for my British and American soldiers.


Yes this also bothers me very much. I like your solution. I want to have full Italian squads with rank 3 soldiers of each class but I am forced to fill an italian squad full of germans. Very annoying.

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I’ll reroll soldiers if their name is too anachronistic or out of place. So I just don’t use soldiers if they’re the wrong nation. I’ve suggested this before, but it was a while ago.

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My question is, do they even read our suggestions? Because I heard that this was requested a while back like months ago, but to no avail.