Second Boer War Mods

As of now, I have currently made two Second Boer War mods, and they have preformed miserably amongst my other mods that I have released, such as my Russian Civil War mod and American Civil War mod. Now for those that do not know what the Second Boer War was, allow me to explain.

The Second Boer War (1899-1902) was a war between the British Empire and the Dutch Boers of the Transvaal (aka South African Republic) and Orange Free State, the war took place in South Africa, and featured many aspects of modern war, such as entrenchments, machine guns, artillery tactics similar to that of WW1, and bolt-action rifles.

I currently now face a problem with my Boer War mods, they flop. The Battle of Belmont mod, which I made in October 2023, has only gotten 329 launches so far. In fairness, the Battle of Belmont mod was my first attempt at making custom loadouts and trying my hand at recreating the historic battlefield. The squads provided were not historically accurate, featuring a mix of troops and equipment that would never have been present.

However my second mod, focusing on the Battle of Graspan, is what I have an issue with. I spent 23 days working on this mod, doing painstaking research and trying to recreate uniforms, loadouts, the battlefield (to an extent), and hand out units that would have actually been present at the battle. As if that was not enough, I also made a promotion trailer on YouTube which featured two other YouTubers, one of which was MajorMcDonalds. However this mod flopped, only getting 33 launches as of when I have posted this.

Compare this with my Russian Civil War mod, which only took me around 19 days to complete. Not as much research and historical accuracy were provided. This mod, for some reason, managed to get to 1053 launches as of today, and did much better when I released it. I also made a cinematic trailer for this mod, gaining 1K views on YouTube.

Another interesting example was my Battle of Belmont (a different one) mod of the American Civil War. Much less time was put into this mod, and it only took 13 days of development, much less that my other mods, however it has gotten 478 launches so far.

Why did my Russian Civil War mod and American Civil War mod gain more attention than my Boer War mods?

I think the main issue has to deal with knowledge of the Boer War, and how many people have not heard of it, compared to them American and Russian Civil War, which is much more known amongst the Enlisted Community.

So I have taken it upon myself to try and promote these mods, which is exactly what I am doing in this post. I you haven’t, please check out my Boer War mods, and give me your thoughts on them. Should I continue to make these mods, or should I give up and do more well known conflicts? I’m not exactly sure as to what I should do, so maybe you could be of some help.

Battle of Belmont:
Battle of Graspan:


Properly músic for the mod

Amazing job dude

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Just make a mod with modern weapons and add mOdERn in the title and it will get thousands of launches.

No, i’m not hating on Modern combat missions, or care about their launch number, it’s promoting CMs after all. What i don’t like is that custom lobbies are full of overused, redundant, at this point boring, modern themed missions, distracting attention from other, awesome missions/newbie creators.

This is a WW2 game after all. If you want to drive around T80s and Abrams play War Thunder or BF.

Your missions are fine, blame the playerbase who only wants mOdErN stuff.


Dont forget the modern gungame number 456578

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There is currently an bug that doesnt allow to launch modded missions in europe servers. It might affect the amount of players your mod gains. Also the current event has given burnout for many players

The point here is not your mod, but the fact that in a game about ww2 and similar setting for some reason no one needs mods about ww2. For example, I made a mod for Spartanovka from RO 2, this map in some sense became a cult map, it was implemented in many other projects and there it is also popular. But in enlisted, no one needed it, only 25 downloads. Later I made a version with furs and she became a little more popular, but not much. But I’m sure, add a few AKs and Abrams to it and everyone will play again. So, as written above, add the name Modern and a couple of m4 to your mod, and you are guaranteed big downloads. Tested by me and other players.


It fixed since 7-9th January.
UPD: Okay… I got it.

Wow! Didn’t know you made one.
Downloading it right now.

From the first glance it looks very interesting but could benefit from not using WW2 tanks like T-26 and Stuart and planes.

Russian Civil War was one of my most inspired ideas back before mods were a thing, I believe

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About the Russian Civil War, it was somewhat tricky to balance accuracy between gameplay.

Now these tanks and planes, whilst they would have never been present in this conflict, their predecessors would have.

Take for instance the T-26 and M2A4, the oldest tanks available, with the T-26 dating back to 1928, about ten years after the conflict occured. Now a T-26 would have never been present in 1919, but its predecessor, the FT Renault, would have, since captured Renaults were used by the Russians, along with captured British Tanks. The Allies also used the British and French Tanks respectivley.

Mk.V Tank captured by Russians at Arkangelsk

Now as for the planes, they would have also not been presesnt. The oldest plane in the game would be the U-2, from 1927, a full 8 years after the conflict ended. As with the tanks, they are representations of real aircraft that would have been present in the conflict. The Allies and Bolsheviks used biplanes respectivley, and the differences between the biplanes present in the mod and those used are only trivial, and in essence are very similar.


Royal Air Force in Russia, August 1918

Now if you would like, I could make a version of my mod without the vehicles, and make infantry only gameplay, which is an interesting idea, however I will not be removing the vehicles from my mod. Now keep in mind, if there were historically accurate tanks and planes, I would use them, but since there are not, I use the closest substitutions that I can find. Trying to balance gameplay and accuracy is not exactly an easy task, and I can see how some people could get upset over inaccurate details. Keep in mind, however, that this is a WW2 game that is not exactly accurate itself. The farther back or forward mods go from WW2, the more substitution is required. I don’t exactly like it, but it is what it is.

I hope this answer helps to ease your concern of vehicles within my Russian Civil War mod.

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Yes I am well aware of tanks and planes used in the Russian Civil War but I think lack of realistic ones doesn’t mean time travellers should be used instead.

I believe that would be nice!

Glad we could come to a comprimise.

Here is your historically accurate Russian Civil War mod.

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You can collect decorative models of destroyed Mark tanks from scrap metal, as is done in other mods. For example, the body is assembled from pontoon rendinsts, and the tracks for assembling the desired shape are from T34 tracks. This will add additional atmosphere.As for airplanes, the differences between partially similar models are difficult to see in the sky, and from the cockpit as a whole they are also not very noticeable.

Are we talking about in my Russian Civil War mod or my Second Boer War mod?

This discussion is about my Boer War mods, hence the confusion.

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I meant about the Russian Civil War

I see