Russian Premium Squads

Will I be able to use all Russian premium squads in any campaign after the merge?

You will be able to use them on Soviet “Maps” after merge.

AS we dont know how BR interacts with map, Hard to say if “all” premium squads will see all maps. AS-44 Premium squad, for example might still not see moscow or stalingrad.

but we dont know yet

Since Stalingrad is going away that would mean I could only use my Russian premium squads in Moscow most likely…. Not Normandy or Berlin….or Tunisia, correct?

Stalingrad is not going away.

The campaign format is going away. All maps, including stalingrad are getting chucked into one map pool and probably based on BR

So if you play Soviets, you will get any map from Moscow, Stalingrad or Berlin depending on the battlerating of your gear.

that is correct. There will be no soviets in Tunisia, Normandy or the Pacific.

Couldn´t you balance teams based on BR rather than restrict BR to certain maps?

The original plan was still to preserve the historic time line somewhat

Dont want king tigers in moscow, dont want soviets beach landing in normandy or japanese in Tunisia

It seems like restricting certain squads to certain maps is not much different than restricting them to certain campaigns. In terms of preserving historical accuracy I think there is already a huge departure from that. There are battles with only a couple of planes in the air at a time that drop bombs that somehow damage the plane 300 meters high but do very little to anything on the ground. There are imaginary battle lines that cause people to spontaneously combust with little warning when they move (these should be eliminated). There are tanks that have huge armor ratings that can be taken out by a simple grenade or by blowing off the cannon. It would be nice to allow players that have invested over a couple hundred dollars in the game, like myself, to actually be able to use the premium purchases more often.

your squads arent restricted. you pick what you want to play. If you want all your premiums, pick them.

you just dont get to pick what map you get put in.

But who knows, there as been no concrete infomation offered, just intentions

I think this rule will be extremely soft. I think it will be very possible to see AS-44 in mascow etc.
If I am not mistaken, all current maps in Pacific currently are related to events in 42/43.
Bur after merge, we will immediately see chi nu. Which was tank manufactured from 44 and was never truly used in war, since it was kept on Japanese homeland in preparation for defense. So it could be really considered as 45 vehicle.

I believe announcement of this soft rule was just attempt to calm down all hysterical individuals. And for the same reason, I believe we’ll see announcement of BR like 2/3 days before actual update. So all feedback from community will be pretty much meaningless.

But that’s just my speculation.


I probably dont care that much to be honest, moscow maps just looks like “somewhere” in russia. And as they are my favourite, id happily fight there at any BR

Berlin and stalingrad though, can actually recognise them as those places

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Berlin will be still less problematic for me. Because you can tell they pulled a pz II out of garage because of pure desperation, since they had nothing better left. Although that’s already extremely out of touch with reality.
And as for Stalingrad, I’ve been running with MKb there up until now anyway, which quite possibly wasn’t there at all.
And in the matter of soviets… Russians are doing weird stuff 24/7. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using t-70 for spearheading forces to Berlin. They’re just meme.

Personally, I’ve already accepted the possibility of this compromise. And I would still prefer if they had worked it out differently. But I really don’t think they will do so.

We already have many equipment that are out of place. Both mkb and federov in Moscow.
M2 carbine and Jumbo in Normandy.
A13 in Tunisia, we also have little info of M1 Beretta.
Berlin list is so long I won’t even get into that.

We accepted these in the past, since it’s not like anyone stopped playing the game because of this, so why would the devs care now?

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Ironically though, the Fedorov MG squad from Moscow is arguably one of the most OP.

It would be really odd if it was later soft-locked out of Moscow due to high BR.

Imo The soft rule should use the current equipment placement in the campaign, and send player with similiar current campaign equipment in the same map

But everything can change until the last minute

Which also brings to mind:

After the merge, the Japanese factions will be on dire need of new MAPS as well. Possibly, involving something different than the usual jungle and small settlements we already know.

Iwo Jima is of course a possibility, and it would mostly be barren land with heavy fortifications.

But are there chances for some actual 1944-45 theaters that don’t require resorting to a fictional mainland invasion of Japan?

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That’s the point, the Fedorov in its various forms is an endgame weapon both in Moscow AND Berlin. Which won’t make much sense after the merge.

Saipan, okinawa ecc… in the worst case manchuria can fill the role too for end war map

Avs36 is in the same place, but imo this is a necessary evil for keep variegate the map pool and not play always on the same map

Manchuria and vs soviets.