[REQUEST] Can we make vehicle paint jobs like in WarThunder?

Like the post says, I am an artist and would LOVE to be able to make possible skins for tanks and vehicles based off world war 2 designs. I know we can do this in WT but can we get it for enlisted pls? :smiley:


If someone could explain if it is possible to download the model files of the vehicles so that I could export them to unreal engine or unity to edit them and customize them, that would be amazing! Iโ€™d like to make my own custom vehicles to be proposed as gold orders!

You can export the textures of vehicles in DDS format.

I donโ€™t think you can export models, all tutorials are using asset viewer to rip models out of the game.

You can try ninja ripper while running the enlisted editor, just to be safe.

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would love contests for enlisted where players could make custom skins. and personally, looking forward to make ( finally ) some skins for less used vehicles.

such as bikes, apcs and other fan favorite vehicles of mine.

as it goes for the process,

you could download skins through the wt unpacker tools ( since they work for enlisted ) or directly get the templates from war thunder.


Thanks for this! I am going to hold off on Ninja Ripper for now since I established contact with the other guy who gave me the assets for the game

Super happy to announce iโ€™m making my first tank! Going to hopefully make it good enough for a gold order! Starting with an M4A3 105mm so that itโ€™s a BR1-5 tank. Using assets from the game so that it is compatible. Working with substance painter, blender, Photoshop, and other apps to make it!

will be posting updates and streaming it too so hopefully some people get to enjoy the process!