Regarding the German equipment that will accompany Ardennes Battlefield

In Ardennes battlefield, the German jet plane Me 262 (with a bomb version) has already joined the battle. Will we get it when we appear in Ardennes battlefield?


@gastanofrizzi Do you know? Or do you know who knows?(I am very eager to know the answer, because if Me 262 is added, it will definitely be very interesting.):blush::blush::blush:

Even if i know i cant say anything, same for other moderator, alpha, helper, admin and community manager

Still because of the new tech tree and the already announced enginer assault rifle squad for the Japanese, jets are not so impossibile to see in near future


Me262 needs his counter in soviets and allies factions. Allies had Gloster Meteor, never used in Europe since '45, soviets had no jet fighters since '46… it’s complicated

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In fact, the propeller powered aircraft in the final stage of World War II could completely defeat the Me 262, because the performance of early jet planes was not particularly powerful. So it’s not particularly complicated, because the main opponent in the Me 262 design is bombers rather than fighters. Anyway, I hope to come soon.:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Still there is a counter problem for soviets… even if Me262 is introduced the best Soviet fighter in terms of performance, the La-9, does not come remotely close to the Me :frowning: