Red orchestra 2 Sound mod V.01 (outdated)

This mod its only for main menu music and victory (theme: guard songs of red orchestra 2)
I did it pretty quickly to learn how to make these mods, so I’ll probably put on other victory songs ~ pixeldrain



Some cool new stuff on the way! nice job

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OMG this is awesome
Red Orchestra 2’s music and voice acting are the best I’ve ever seen

Also, I really hope someone can replace the in-game soldier voices with those from Red Orchestra 2.
It would be nice if the voice acting in this game was as good as Red Orchestra 2
I always liked to say this, especially the Japanese army in the Pacific Battle. When I charged with a bayonet, I always missed the powerful shouts of Red Orchestra 2.


I am already working on the soldier voices, no need to worry :wink: I will bring all of them into game, with alternative versions also

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Now i need Wolf ET menu theme mod


Actually, i just got a complete mod finished… just a little problem, the program fmod bank tools does not rebuild the edited bank file… it just keeps loading for hours. I replaced a soldier voice with over 200 voice lines, and it just does not build up the bank file again… i dont know what to do…


Great work, looking forward to the results
To be honest, I have never installed the MOD and I don’t know how to install it yet

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Oooh, that’s some culture right here!

Will download this eve, for sure.


For a second I asked the name of the song and it is literally on the first line :melting_face:

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well, the intro music its: Storm clouds in stalingrad


A short comment by the way, i really like your new profile picture :wink:

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Thank you very much my friend😀

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I have a question. I used someone else’s mod before using your mod, but after I deleted his mod, copied your file to the folder, and entered the lobby, the game still played the previous content.

restart to get the song, also expect a new mod for the menu songs, i’m working i’m a better Quality mod

I rebooted more than once and I even deleted the sound folder

Restart the Game again

Inonly change 1 song of the 3 songs
And the victory theme, maybe You can try a custom Game and win it for test the sound

(Anyway, i’m working on a new mod of ingame music)