Rebalance berlin camapign

Please remove German ticket and capture speed buff or buff the soviet. Berlin is a bot farm for the German now, it’s not fun playing as the soviet getting stomp every single match, or playing as the German getting no exp with bot farm matches. With vets stocking German teams to the brim and Soviet team with 9 bots and me. It’s literally unplayable, you can boot it up yourself now and try to win, you will likely only win 1 out of 10 games. with you being the only actual players and the rest of the team bots. while german is full of veteran players with stg 44 and tiger 2 H. No merge is not the solution. please improve player experience now.


The fact that cap time buffs/debuffs exist in the first place is just ludicrous.


Train mode is the most clear example of this, soviet ticket bleed so fast that its almost impossible to win. Quoting MajorMcDonald on this. It might be nice when they do this to buff the german back then when they lost alot, but this change effectively kill off the soviet player base, now there is no player on the soviet team, only bots. while the german team is stock with veterans. Its being like this for half a year now.


Instead of just worrying about Berlin all the other campaigns need this change as well not just Berlin


The strength values ​​of both sides must be approximately equal.
NO JUST berlin!


I think Darkflow has temporarily abandoned Berlin’s balance. They use merge as an excuse to evade modifications to Berlin, despite so many complaints of this campaign.

Because they knew the problems in Berlin were already so great that simple minor modifications could no longer save the environment in Berlin. It’s like a lazy person tidying up his room. When his room is already messy to a certain extent, he may even give up cleaning and let the room become more and more messy because he knows he needs a lot of time to clean it, and his laziness makes him unwilling to do so.

The most important issue in Berlin is that the map design is very poor, and the disadvantage of the attacking side is too great. Even the Axis may lose at the attacking side. The Soviets also has an absolute disadvantage in armor. The Panther G has an advantage over ALL Soviet tanks(maybe expect IS2-1944, but it is no hard for pathers to kill IS2-1944), especially T34-85. This is due to the strengthening of its turret armor by Darkflow, which makes the outer circle of its turret armor reach 200+mm, Even the 122mm d25t AP cannot penetrate this area, and the Soviet tanks have a low zoom magnification, and the enlisted mechanism prevents the tank from accurately shooting the area it aims at. In the meantime, Panther can almost penetrate any area of T34-85, and with the addition of the Tiger II H, the Axis has almost absolute tank advantages. In addition, the Axis is often on the defensive side with unlimited tanks, and Allied attacks are almost always interfered by tanks, And the Axis almost always have tank support. I don’t think KT H is the biggest problem, because not most players have it. The unlimited Pathers and the difficulty of fighting against it is.Darkflow should nerf Pather so that T34-85 can be actually enough to fight it, and I believe if that happens, most players will abandon IS2, because its poor loading speed, and still can’t penetrate most areas of KT H. The only advantage of IS2 is it can kill Pather 1shot with HE, making it the best anti-Pather solution for allies for now.


We just need Russian paratrooper

The map of Berlin is not suitable for paratroopers, and paratroopers are not omnipotent


Looks like the merge it’s trying to throw all the high BR into Berlin so veterans with premium squads have to play this campaign without a chance of getting their correct war theater, like the Fedorov MG squad for example.

That entire family of weapons is curse and yet it’s considered a machine gun for some reason

Panther is still easier to destroy then kv-1 in Stalingrad.
Also, how do you nerf a tank? You can’t just decrease its historical values, the only number the devs can play around with is the reload time.
But Panther reload is already slower than what a normal crew would achieve in that tank.

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Tanks in Enlisted do not fully comply with historical data. And Panther G has also been modified before.

The turret armor thickness of Panther G is 100mm in the data: appeaing in game like this:

This thickness is completely penetrable by the 85mm gun of t34, and it was the case in earlier versions of the game. But in an update, Drakflow added a layer of 110mm armor onto the shield:

This allows Pather G to actually have a layer of 210mm thick armor on the gun shield, instead of the labeled 100mm. Even the D-25T cant penetrate it. This armor layer does exist in reality, but the data has problems and is completely different from that in War Thunder, which is an other gaijin’s “Historically correct” game.

Now only the tiny blue area of Pather’s turrent is 100mm and penetrable by D-5T and ZiS-S-53.That’s why Pathers has a overwhelming advantage against T34s and it was not the case in early versions.

My suggestion is to keep tank battles in Enlisted consistent with WT, or give T34-85 better AP shells.

I don’t think so. In my opinion, paratrooper and its new game mechanics will turn the tide in Berlin. And I think paratroopers are omnipotent in current times.

a simple fix is find some friend this is what someone would say if they have friend as for me? i farm whatever popular before merge so i get good stuff without stress anyway the soviet golden age is gone for now

Well you missed the time when the soviets were stream rolling the Germans, and as far as I know the soviet recover more tickets and cap faster in Berlin…

They don´t. Haven´t for a while now since as you mentioned it was bot matches for Allies for like a year straight atleast.

Really? I saw them recover 800 tickets in River crossing when we drop them at 200 tickets for the first cap

Also blame the soviet players, having the best gear of any campaign and they still prefer farming bots at Moscow

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Ninja buffs are a thing, most people just don’t play one campaign enough to notice.

I play all the campaign though, even the crippled Pacific Axis is back to dominating Pacific, the US is getting shafted in both Tunisia and Pacific, Normandy is the last place they can play and is not bot farm but 50/50

The soviet just stick at Moscow and sometimes Stalingrad due absence of Axis players