Really starting to get fed up with navmesh generation

The EXACT SAME doorway generates navemesh well in one spot, but doesn’t in another:

Navmesh is OK, AI can go through door

EXACT SAME DOOR, hole in navmesh, AI cannot progress.

The doors i edited ( I REMOVED the doors) are the ones where navmesh gen is broken. There are less obstacles at the doors where navmesh gen fails, where there is more!

I am going insane!


Welcome to Enlisted. We run on a sub-par mod editor which dosen’t even work half the time, and have shitty devs which do nothing to help. We run off of nothing but the desire to try and bring entertainment since the devs clearly don’t, and we go insane at least once per day because of stupid shit like this.

It’s fun to be a mod editor!


I’ve had so many totally random bugs appear, and find removing a completely unrelated line in notepad fixes it.
For example - all planes were suddenly invisible - rolled back to previous version - bug fixed, planes visible again - what caused the bug ?..
The position of a line of code.
I moved the line ‘spawnMode’ from being in the middle of the file, to the end - bug fixed. How could that be in any way related ???
It’s so important to save regular backups and check every time you make any changes. Literally anything can cause a game-breaking bug.
There’s absolutely no logic to any of it as far as I can tell.

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