Rating 3 feels kind of pointless

Honestly feels kind of pointless to run a rating 3 deck because when you get uprated your completely useless to your team you end up mostly being cannon fodder and it’s kind of killing the fun for me, I have a rating 5 deck, but I don’t enjoy top tier because I have to be super sweaty.


yea br3 is gambling it either you ger obliterate in br3+ or you get noob team in br3- example would be my soviet match where literally im the only one to build anything but i cant blame them tbh since they are new

still it isnt relaxing at all to play br3- and get kill by good german player that play there

Totally pointless unless you’re in for the thrill of either stomping BR1 or getting stomped by BR5.

So far, I’ve only bothered to set up squads for BR2 and BR5. 1 and 4 don’t matter. 3 is a dice roll (that I may mess with when I have time).

I hope and expect changes in the near future.


so much good fun gear in BR 3. Will be a brilliant BR when it finally gets its own field of play

Until then, its the cheese BR


i will try br3 american and german when i have the chance but till then im farming american for event

My Americans are tier 3 and it’s a coin flip between fun or dog crap matches. The Merge did nothing to help me as a player fight Tigers and the research tree screwed me from getting the M4A1 76mm with all the added bloat so I’m either going to quit or live in Tier 2. It genuinely feels like tier 2’s only use is to hide from Tigers.