Question about US br4

so how does it really work? i assume i can met jap and german but i cant meet jap if im br5? like i dont really get it even tho br4 suppose to meet br3 and 5

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also off topic but russian is literally the worst faction in the current game like holy hell low tier or high tier it doesnt matter it always gonna be the worst and german is now the best with jap and US being 2nd or 3rd depending on other opinion anyway i understand why russian get decently OP stuff now cause literally no one playing it

the only way to fix it is to move the ppd34/38 down to tier 3 cause the german literally have better player and russian have no one im gonna try 1 more match to see if it just unlucky or this is how it is

yea didnt win but did get close anyway definitely not touching russian for a while

Yep, it’s for balance since japan doesn’t have BR 5 equipment

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but i can still meet them if i have br4? just want to make sure


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I wonder who actually thinks US BR4 vs Japan BR4 is fairly balanced.

i guess they dont want jap to dominate but that my assumption even tho most US most likely will meet german than jap tbh

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That’s a good assumption. Playing US end game BR without m2 carbine is pure masochism.


yea i kinda regreat not changing m1 carbine to m1 garand since most german have fg42 and stg44
oh and i definitely should buy more m2

on the other note i can at least relax when i play german br5 which i guess is kinda nice