Question about mods?

I have made an mod with aircraft spawns for team 1. The aircraft spawns work fine when i put the game in local but when i try to play with my friends it says no spawn selected and doesnt let me spawn. How do i solve this?

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  1. Probably you didn’t put aircraft for fighter/assault? There should be two seperate repsawn points. One for aircraft_fighter another one for aircraft_assault. Also it may happened because of some properties? What did you edit?

  2. Maybe you playing in outdated version of your mod without respawn points? Currently time there is bug with downloaded mods. You will need remove old version and redownload new one or do it two times without deleting old version.

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I have only added couple of houses and aa guns so maybe it is the bug

Wierd thing is that it works completely fine when i play in local but in multiplayer it stops working

Would be nice if you sent your map in privates messages. It will much easier for me to help you or do report about problem.