Quarry / Sand pit map in Moscow campaign - bad map?!

I am wondering myself if I am the only one with the opinion that this map is the worst of them all - never had a good game there yet.

I think the main reason for that is open map… it invites most attackers to camp and engange in long range fights with the defenders.

Furthermore, getting to the objective is hard because the defenders will snipe the moving attackers easily on the open field… If a few attackers actually make it to the objective, they will be greeted by a lot of Russian fast firing MPs…

Because many players on the attacking team do not attack (and snipe instead) it is very bothersome to clear out the objectives, because there is too much cover on the objectives, where the defenders can hide.

I have not had any problems on that map…few losses. Comes down to yourself and team effort. Engineers are very helpful there

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I quite enjoy it. Real fun for super long range shots with iron sights. That’ll teach ya how to aim alright. Airfield in Normandy is the worst map

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nah, its beutifull, all moscow map is best for me


This means you don’t have enough regular players
More Monkeys and Spies

Git gud scrub
Worst map is dday

Reverse d-day is worse

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Berlin train is worse. :nerd_face:


I’d say a fully competent team would make it bearable. Maybe even winnable