QOL: Display the Initiator of the kick vote request

Some players are abusing the voting feature in custom games.

Constantly launching polls in an attempt to kick out tons of friendly players one by one…

I think we should at least display the Initiator of the kick vote request

The current voting system is too simplistic. He cannot function in this situation.

One solution I think is that only the room host or the player with the highest points should be allowed to initiate a vote.

At the same time, the 1/3 voting rule should not apply to players who behave normally and have not killed teammates recently.

Or allow players or room owners to set this voting threshold as a condition.

I don’t know what improvements would be most appropriate

But before any improvements can be made I may have to turn off this voting feature for custom game modes, by setting its voting time to 6 seconds.


Yes, it is very necessary. Because there are already people in custom matches who are exploiting this vulnerability to create a lot of confusion.



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Thank you!

Yet I think this is a topic left to the developers to design, and rest of the ideas I describe in the thread may be thoughtless premature.

But the phenomenon of players abusing voting is a problem.

Before any Improvement, displaying the names of naughty players will allow the rest of us to kick out players who abuse the voting feature.

If the game can set rules, it can reduce the possibility of some naughty children destroying the game.

But I guess it’s a little complicated.

On the other hand, too harsh measures may also harm some innocent players.

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Sociopathic trolls are not even immune to the excellent, 0 gain, custom module kind of tournaments in custom mode. It’s pathetic.
It’s well known that the developers know that all kinds of troll behavior is 0-cost, so why not put a leash on the trolls?
Why can’t the voting session: visibly display the IDs of the player initiating the vote and the player being voted for, their current record and score, and the reason for initiating the vote.
Why not promote the optimized and improved voting mechanism in matchmaking?
Why not promptly (e.g. limited to a maximum of 3 working days for review and disposal) block the cheating troll’s account, bound email address, cell phone number and machine code, and blacklist the account’s funding accounts (credit card and e-wallet accounts).
Negative fighting trolls why not be forced out of the game in a timely manner, and repeat offenders should even be temporarily suspended. The current system’s rules for forcibly logging out players are too sketchy and very easy to circumvent.
Trolls who are antisocial, intentionally sabotage their teammates, or hang out in the corp selection screen should be dealt with appropriately in a short period of time, and repeat offenders should even be suspended permanently.