Problems with sandbox

This message appeared when i tried to make a draft of my mod. What should i do?


The sandbox made the draft 13 times for some reason

None of these drafts work

It shows this message everytime i try to launch it. Seriously how hard it is to fix the sandbox? I literally cant download any of my mods due to this

dunno if it helps.

but you should delete all the drafts, create a new one, and first, let the file load, and then edit stuff.

because apparently typing or selecting things effs up with the upload.

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I tried that but it still gives the same error :frowning:

I managed to download the draft but now when i try to play it it wont create the lobby and shows this message

Yet another bug:

All my mods just randomly dissapeared. I cant stand how broken and buggy this game is

this error it’s because of this:


make the selection team check is enabled

although, not sure if it’s bugged. a couple of days ago i tried my mod and it worked sort of fine.

outside performance issues.


Thanks for your help! Now both of my mods work


glad to be of help.

but i’m no more than a parrot.

you’ll have to thank our lord and savior @Devenddar

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Some time it is when the picture for cover don’t work that pop up