Problems with mod loading

I tried testing if my mod works and i ran into some problems:

When i tried to launch the mod in multiplayer it didnt work. After selecting my squad and trying to deploy the game didnt let me past this camera

Also one of the control points was missing for some reason

Here is the same map in the editor

Also my mod crashed when trying to deploy in the editor. What is causing this and how do i fix it?

I was in the europe server btw

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Mods with high render instance count can bug out.

I have yet to find a solution, as probably isn’t any.

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So i cant fix it? Was all my work for nothing?

If this makes you feel any better, i also have an entire town+cave system map that cannot be played properly for similar reasons…

welcome to the club honey…

Well this sucks. Probably will be the last time i build anything big like this. Better stick with just adding stuff to already existing locations

Try to reduce things gradually instead of adding too much at once, maybe the problem is with part of things

This means reducing and then gradually adding each part. You can still keep everything, but add bricks one by one as you release it.

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This happens, I once did the Washington Monument and its surroundings, but the local editor did not let me implement the map.As I understand it, more than eight thousand rendinst begins to have a bad effect on work


yes, and no.

yes, you can,

and no, it doesn’t mean it wont reproduce the same effects.

““rule of thumb”” usually is;

use as less as possible ( like poison ivys ) grass eraser, terraformer, rendinst remover & scenery_remover

and try to stay low underneath the 15/8k rendinsts.

If we just would be able to make an copletely flat map. I had to get rid of ton of stuff to make space for my builds. I will be trying to remove objects and buildings to see if it helps

use the training map as it’s generally flat already.

or try to use the silo patch ground rendinst and make it as large as possible ( not too large otherwise your editor will crash + clone them to have a flat area ) if you use this second method, i’d reccomend using berlin map ( the one with the brandenburg gate ) as it’s the ones with the least ammount of textures that will appear.

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Normally it pretty difficult to launch mod that over 4 MB so I think your mod is just too big


What? H-how…? Is it Fatal Freeze?

Stalker map have around 30k rendinsts + custom textures + new weapons.

Probably “dark magic” is 0 terraforming changes and 0 custom bots.

Then Why the f our our missions always have some lods issue and don’t work?


Also… custom textures?

Is it possible to learn this power?

Well… Pictures* or images. All this with these capture points icons.

So… you have something like. 40 capture point on screen for just textures….

Wel… he is a bold one

I guess in my case, enlisted is not used to having lots of AI on screen…
( around 400 )

But how else am I supposed to make good pve if the AI we have are sort of chicken?

They must compensate with numbers !


If we just would be able to make an copletely flat map

Use sovmil terrain patch?

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I wish i knew it before. Now it is kind late when the map is already finished