Problem with mod

The bots randomly stopped moving and preferred to stay at the spawn doing nothing. The navmesh has been generated and they should go towards the objectives but they wont. What causes this?

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I’ve checked this area and everything looks fine. NavMesh should be generated without any problems. Anyways… Are you sure that you have all paths to capture points (you can check it using Toolbox → NavMesh)?

Also it can be not only because of navMesh, but also because of capture point settings. Could you please show properties (i only need these that contans dots next to names)?

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I will show them when i get home

They do have paths for cap points

Also they seem to start moving towards the objective at the start but in the middle of the game they just stop moving (1.9 MB)
Here is the map

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I don’t know how to unpack user vromfs. So can you sent scene.blk and others files in private messages?

How do i send only the scene?

copy and paste the scene.blk,

rename it to .txt,

open a chat with devenddar, ( ones that he started with you, or ask him to send you a message since he has the private profile )

and send it to him.

it’s because .blk are not recognized by the forum formats.
so you’ll just have to workaround it by changing the extension to a txt file.


Where can i find scene.blk and how can i copy the file?

you… never did that?


anyway, you go over the folder of your game > usergamemodes > your mission name_folder > scene.blk

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And how do i copy it? Might sound dumb but i am not that good with these things

ctrl / command + c and paste it with ctrl + v.

you can just copy and paste it with the right mouse button on it.

then press f2 to rename it, and replace the .blk with .txt

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Like this?


however you must have a scene.blk

otherwise you won’t be able to run it in the editor.

after that, just drag it and drop it over devenddar personal messages.

I tried dragging the .txt file into the messages but it showed this

which one did you tried to drag

you have to drag and drop the scene.txt not the scene / scene.blk

if that doesn’t work, then just use this site:

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I dragged this

weird. it shouldn’t happen.

as said,

( hoping that it’s not banned in russia… but it shouldn’t )

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now delete this message, and send it to davendder in private.

you never know of bad actors stealing mods…

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Thanks for the help!

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well, that’s the least i can do anyway around here.

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