Premium soviet paratrooper is terrible!

New premium paratrooper squads are just a bunch of soldiers wearing Moscow coats and carrying meta gear, “no unique gadget so player can custom freely” is just an excuse to reduce their work and grab money, the quality is like it was made by some random mod maker.

To make matters worse, the contents of a paratrooper chest do not affect its BR so the items inside can be carried to everywhere depending on your primary weapon, including:
2* AVS-Sniper
3* DT
3* Panzerfaust100 (Provides captured items for paratroopers, really?)
2* BM-41 (airdrop 82MM mortar, is this even possible?)

I only have one word to describe this team: CURSED


Yelling at 3 german clowntroopers with FGs: nuh
Barking at single Soviet squad with “unique” mechanic: ja ja ja

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I take it you think its good practice for those aforementioned crate items to be brought into BR 1 and 2?


Untill tier 2 is literally 5 especially for allies, why caring? Let devs make strict ±1 matchmaking, remove most of german para squads to make it balanced and fix soviets. I don’t see a single cry about anything than fun feature of paras

Im not sure Im understanding you.

you think its a fun/good mechanic that higher tier weapons in the crate can Transcend BRS?

I dont mind either way, but whatever your answer Folgore should get the same treatment.


They already have better one lmao. But i know, balance is only for allies. Sausages can get twice more buffs

The BRs are not properly balanced anyway, so it’s not like it is unbearable tragedy that some equipment do bypass this complete broken and useless system.

At first, I was really triggered abou the fact they completely ignored this parabox. But once I properly learned BRs of ± all items? It’s pretty much insignificant nitpick

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Dont think you are quite getting me. Im not Triggered about the box itself…Im triggered about the “Rules” that “one” para is getting shafted because of its box while the rest are free to go about their business.

Im not too bothered that paras can bring in equipment from a few BRs higher…heck its an interesting and limited way to get interesting weapons into a game without spamming.

But Drawing the line at the Folgore…is a double standard.

you like having access to that stuff on paras? fine by me…but it applies to all or none!

So Og-43 weapon being a br 2 weapon and their primary…is where they should be…waaah flamers!!..replace the Assault crate with Beretta M38s (40 rounds) or whatever then…


who? the Folgore?..

This Mechanic is quite cool. But I would have much preferred a paratrooper squad with PPShs with foldable stocks or the leaked AT-44s. I really prefer to have a unique weapon on a premium/event squad. I hope they give us some unique ARs for the upcoming assault engineers.

Sorry, that wasn’t my intention. I am just so triggered by current state of this game. Especially since so many stuff could be fixed so easily. It’s so frustrating.


I hear you…Im just repeating the same feed back over and over since the test servers.


even @tommyZZM can Change the contents of the para crate for anyone bringing them into his map.

how hard can it be to do map specific crate loadouts…

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Like the ability to spawn wherever you want isn’t good enough for you.


Yeah, that is what I was saying. They don’t even need any crate to be decent squad.


In common use by Soviets from late 1944, so yes.

Becauses being able to choose from wildly different weapon setups after you’re dropped into battle is SOOOoooo realistic in the first place…

But they had 82mm mortars on strength in 1941 - and even 76mm guns - from Glantz

Oh you poor wee thing…

Dude, 3 Panzerfaust 100 in Early BR is clearly wrong in so many levels

are we just gonna ignore that just like the apc squad, they don’t have consistent uniforms for all enivorements?

now that i think about it.

this premium squad unlike the apc does have unique uniforms to begin with though…

I bought this squad and I have never seen this uniform on them. They do have the same uniform that’s depicted on art work, just slightly differently colored for each campaign.

look here


that would clear some things up.

otherwise i was worrying that df just didn’t gave a shit anymore and just made more squad similar to the apc one.

bare bone of what you would get.

still. maybe i am bitter about the apc squad, but that shouldn’t become the norm.

( because in that case, you see ameba and gray uniforms in the art work, yet the ambeba is only in berlin. and the gray uniforms in normandy. which you won’t get if you play any other campaign )