Pre-order: "Iron Fury" tanker squads

While you are enjoying the new update, we are already preparing the next one for you, which will be even bigger! Usually alongside the updates we release unique and new squads. This time they are especially interesting.

Two steel half-brothers: M10 Achilles - a British tank destroyer and M10 Ersatz - a German attempt to mimic the Allied M10 Wolverine to cause confusion behind enemy lines! How it all ended - read on.

M10 Ersatz

What a strange looking M10. What’s wrong with it?

Your observation is correct - it’s a Panther G, carefully disguised with steel plates and other modifications to look like an Allied tank destroyer.

The Führer personally ordered the creation of a sabotage brigade disguised as an Allied unit, and the matter was taken extremely seriously.

They even found American uniforms for the crews, and initially planned to use captured American tanks. It didn’t work out, so they had to make “American tanks” using German vehicles. With the help of additional plates, the Germans managed to recreate the look of the widely used M10 tank destroyer very accurately. They even paid attention to such small details as mounting spare caterpillar tracks in the American style and adding unit markings of the American army.

This “masquerade” could have caused trouble behind Allied lines, but in the end these so skillfully camouflaged tanks faced the Allied tanks head-on and lost in a single battle.

In Enlisted M10 Ersatz and its crew fully replicate the historical prototypes: the commander’s cupola is removed, the Panther turret itself is covered with plates that add some protection, and even on the front there is an additional armor plate, masking the bow machine gun, which should not be there on the M10. The white American star was not forgotten by the saboteurs either. The crew is also partially equipped with American uniforms.

You are already familiar with the Panther G’s gun and armor, it can handle any target.

M10 Achilles

This is a British modification of the American M10 Wolverine tank destroyer.

Apart from the fact that it’s not just a “knockoff”, the vehicle has an important improvement - it’s fitted with a more powerful anti-tank gun, an Ordnance QF 17-pounder (“17 pounder”)instead of the standard 76mm M7 gun.

The effectiveness of the gun has been significantly improved. You will not encounter challenging targets. The disadvantages include slow turret rotation and the lack of romance of sabotage missions. This is just a good machine with an excellent gun, which will easily destroy German tanks.

To ignore the slow turret rotation, use the vehicle as it is intended - as a tank destroyer, operating from a distance.

Historically, the Achilles first entered combat in Normandy and were subsequently used effectively by British forces on the Western Front. A total of 1,100 vehicles were converted from the M10s delivered under Lend-Lease.

Both of these vehicles and their crews earn 100% more experience (and with it, Silver) and are part of the Iron Fury pre-order bundle.

Pre-order bundle

Purchase the bundle before the major update is released to receive exclusive pre-order bonuses: a portrait and a nickname decorator.

If you’re playing Enlisted on console, you can get these bonuses by purchasing one of the squads within 14 days of the update’s release.

Pre-order bonus: German tanker portrait

Pre-order bonus: Tracks nickname decorator



Humm :smirk:




Done, you got my money.

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@James_Grove The store page is wrong, it marked the fake m10 as a soviet vehicle.


just as expected.

the germans get to have allied star insignia before the actual americans or soviets in the tank customization :joy:

but looks cool i guess. happy war crimes everyone.


Ersatz panther souds fun to confuse enemies who dont look at the forum why their “teamate” in a “M10” is getting penetration indicators


Truly a powerful soviet beast for BR2, lol.

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Already fixed

Totally not Bussian Rias 10/10

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Hey,just a quick question james,will it still be $60 when it reaches the microsoft store?im thinking about getting it,but if we dont get the same opportunity for discounts im not getting both

Im not much of a tank person but those are some cool looking vehicles.

I do love APCs like the premium Japanese APC though. That thing shreds once you change up a few things (Secret).

Hope to see more like that in the future too

I hope it’s a British unit with the tank


Hope the achillies has good ammo


The two are nowhere near equal to other in terms of performance.

Ersatz is cool, M10 is a big pile of…poop.

Those who don’t come from WT/noobs; M10 is a papertank with god awful turret traverse, while Ersatz is a literal panther (i don’t remember whether it gets electric turret drive, if it does then god help the allied teams)


Do you know that M10 is already in Enlisted?

Ersats should have electric turret drive. It’s basically just another premium “panther A” (which we already had) with just different skin.

And you are right, Achilles probably won’t be nowhere near to meta.

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Indeed it is. I don’t play Usa at all.

Erzats gets the electric turret drive the one that is hand cranked is the Panther D

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Achillies has better gun. Is way lower tier than panther in warthunder but i doubt it in enlisted

Both are ranked 4. Achilles should be rank 3.