Possibility of Kawanishi N1K2-J becoming Japanese BR5 attack aircraft?

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I’ve been playing Japanese camp BR5 recently and to be honest, I’m impressed with IJA’s weapons, they’re powerful enough, but when I get to the air force it’s the complete opposite of IJA
I think the Japanese camp’s aircraft lack “diversity”

At present, almost all attack aircraft in the Japanese camp take off from aircraft carriers. In contrast, attack aircraft in the American camp can choose to be born in the air. They can also choose to take off from aircraft carriers. This is great. No matter what, you can find an aircraft that suits you.
If the war situation is tense, you can choose attack aircraft born in the air to quickly attack the ground. If it is not so tense, you can also choose to take off from the aircraft carrier and completely immerse yourself in the Pacific battlefield.

But the Japanese camp’s attack aircraft can only take off from aircraft carriers. This is too bad. Taking off from aircraft carriers means slower attack efficiency. When the front line is very tense, attack aircraft often have no time to provide necessary support to the ground.

No, that doesn’t matter because today I want to discuss Kawanishi N1K2-J

it is局地戦闘機,or Interceptor aircraft

This means they don’t need to take off from the aircraft carrier, it can carry two rockets, which may be similar to the BF110’s WG.21
It may have the potential to become a Japanese BR5 attack aircraft, although it looks more like a fighter
But isn’t it the same with P47? It’s a very promising fighter in War Thunder and I really enjoy using it
And I remember, it can also mount 250KGx4 aerial bombs
It’s no problem to be an attack aircraft!


I see no problem at all if BF110 has been in this game for so long
What could go wrong if the Japanese Air Force obtains a rocket with similar performance?


Probably my favourite japanese plane series. I feel like it will show up


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Yes it’s so beautiful I even made a model of it

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top Japanese aircraft have amazing maneuverability so much so that no American aircraft can defeat them in a pitched battle and good bombs, which, coupled with frenzy, allows you to accurately drop them directly a few meters above the ground

We gonna need some of these pilots as well.

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If you are talking about ki-84, yes it is good
But Japanese attack aircraft can only take off from aircraft carriers, which is still a problem.

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If they ungimp it in WT so that it can carry the 4x 250kg bombs again or add the variant that can carry the 6x rocket and a 250kg, then it can be an attacker. As it stands right now though, the only N1Ks that can be added to this game only have the payloads to be fighters, as the bomb payloads they have are on par with the P-51D/Ki 84 and the rocket payloads are at best on par with the Fw 190A-8. Seeing as all plane models in this game come from WT, we will need to wait for them to add those things first.


I remember when this thing could carry the four 250kg bombs. It was a work horse for ground pounding.

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Another advantage of the Japanese rockets is that they fire individually, not in pairs. So you would retain the ability to have 2 rockets strikes before rearming.

Devs of this game force all munitions to fire/drop in pairs regardless of what they do in WT, so it will be like this in this game as well.

But whyyyy? :frowning:

Here we go again…

No idea, but things like the A-20 and B5N can drop bombs separately in WT. Devs forced them to drop in pairs here.

How about if they obtain a 57mm cannon?


Kawasaki Ki-102 - Wikipedia


Looks good, they can also carry 2x250KG bombs
I noticed that it also has a 37mm cannon version, like the Japanese version of the bomb-carrying BF110

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Surely they are good plane, but developers will not think they are attractive.
Ki-102 Ko interceptor does not exist in War Thunder, and Ki-102 Otsu ground attacker can not equip 250 kg in WT, too :frowning:
I hope developers add 250kg bombs and I-Go Mod.1 Otsu guided bomb for Ki-102 Otsu but it will be difficult.

In other hand, Ki-45 Kai / Type 2 two-seat fighter Model Tei can equip both 37mm cannon and two 250kg bombs so it will be attractive. (but 20mm guns look upward :stuck_out_tongue: )


Imagine 57 mm cannons raking tanks from the air :skull:

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wasn’t the 57mm a low velocity HE/focused weapon like the german mk.108 30mm’s…

Otherwise Add the Tsetse Mosquito or the PBJ-1H,

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feels good

Add all three.

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At least, there’s record about production of AP munition in Japanese national archives.
The problem is specification is uncertain.