[Poll] What mods do you play?


I am looking for feedback on player preferences. Please consider spending 20 seconds of your time by voting on this poll!:

Thank you!

Yes, this is in the right forum section.


Big Action only, love it, just wish devs added xp so it would become popular…


why isn’t there a multi selection?

anyway, looking forward to the results as well.

but… maybe i get why you might wont do that

edit. i’m truly a blondie.
just realized there’s a see results button :upside_down_face:

Why cant we choose multiple? I like to play historicals and semi historicals with my brother while alone i prefer zombies and chill lobbies. When i want to relieve stress i go play gungames with bots only. Modern when im feeling like it

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@iso_seppo123 @ErikaKalkbrenner If i allow multi-selection, the results will be near useless.

I want to know the most preferred modes.

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Well in that case i prefer historical as we lack that in the normal game


people mostly play gun games and moderns.

then you have zombies,

followed up by semi historical,

then historical, and lastly, the " chill " kind such as races etc.

but yeah, for me, it’s between modern & historical stuff.
because it’s stuff that there isn’t that much in the game.

anyway, if you are running a poll,

you might wanna get more votes from reddit and discord.

the forum has a very small % of people.

You can see roughly what is the most popular by looking at the server list

Modern conflicts are the most popular alongside with some other mods like the awesome d-day and zombie vs red army. Gungames and zombies are next while the rest is mix of historical accuracy and semi historical accuracy

yeah though it’s worthed to note that, people play what is being featured in the recaps / mods digest.

also that’s because it’s what most console players can only host.

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That is true but the ones in the digest seem to be chosen by the most plays in the sandbox. Speaking of the digest when will we see the next one? Seems that they have forgotten the entire thing

not entirely true.

from what i gathered, they do play some mods, and decide which one had more " quality " and was more stable out of the bunch.

even relatively unknown mods too.

but, there’s a high chance of appearing if you place the newest toys in your mod.
because… advertise.

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