Please help me with the perk system

Hello comrades!

I am so confused with the new system. I have an assaulter who can have best perks for all options, but somehow i cant get them? He got 18 speed points, but cant get sprint speed? I am not able to discard any perks because “higher levels depend on it”, but i want my assaulter to have the 3 best perks…

is it not possible anymore?

You already spend some mobility in to first row so you dont have the 16 points left for perk itself.
I think they changed the cost of the perk from 14 to 16 and this is why it does not work anymore.

Well u could try to replace horizontal with vert and put rest of the points in weapon change speed + melee however if it’s still not enough i recommend getting full stat perk soldier. Since with this requirement having soldier at their “MAX” stats seems important due to the requirement which i kinda dislike by being restricted with the points.

You should buy a new soldier, this assaulter 3 isn’t perfect rolled, a max assaulter 3 has 20/18/19, so it’s enough to get 16/16/16 easily

Btw there was a “reroll” of perk points? Some of my soldiers have - 1 avalabe points.